Yellow & Grey

Guess what guys? It’s only Tuesday. Damn. Well, lets get through it together with some yellow & grey inspirations shall we?!

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a big fan of yellow walls. Grey walls, always. Yellow, not so much. But I love the yellow & grey combo for design and decoration. So check out some awesome images I found that inspire my yellow & grey craving:

This image came from one of my favorite diy headboards of all of history (the wood planks with painted “love” on it) click

 That sink is great. Who has a yellow sink? click

A bit more muted but same color scheme. The color on the walls was actually my inspiration for the color I painted my bedroom walls. click

What’s up funky sofa? click

A nursery, especially for those that like to keep it gender neutral. click

No one said fuchsia would be here!! But hey, it could work. click

A bit of a retro throwback. I like the painting too.

All you need is one little yellow accent. How cute is that chair? click

Ok this is mainly yellow, but it was in one of my happy picture files so I had to share.  click

Etsy, etsy! And its with one of my favorite patterns, chevron. click

kfd designs, she rocks the house.

And these are my sweet Etsy print finds. click

You REALLY are my very favorite person ;)  click

I’m feeling a DIY coming along… click

Feng Shui tip: Yellow is the color that represents Earth. So when you hear a Feng Shui practitioner tell you to cure the room with Earth (which everyone should have a Feng Shui practitioner telling them something), yellow would be the color you could use. The Earth element is all about grounding. The shape is square. Of course the color yellow is known to be a happy color so it’s already got an energy quality to it. Although I will say that overwhelming amounts of yellow can be, well, really overwhelming so be easy with the application.

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