And the Card-Making Begins…

I finally realized that I am losing time for this trunk show on the 29th since I will be out of town for Thanksgiving so I finally got some materials today and got moving! Check it:

It’s a whale spouting hearts!! Yaaaa I’m cheesy.

Little letter stamps at the local art store… <3

What’s the plural of Octopus?

2 cards in the trash, feeling defeated and 1.5 hours later, I made 2 successful cards! Phewww!


  1. Watercolor is NOT my friend
  2. I have a lot of materials that I do not know how to use properly
  3. I should never be allowed to use spray adhesive or really spray anything as my fingers are pretty much stuck together at this point
  4. I LOVE letter stamps because it’s really hard to mess that up

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