Navy & Gold

A new favorite color combo: Navy and Gold. Something about it feels regal, sometime nautical, dramatic and elegant.

It’s a navy sandwich! I love navy walls. It is so close to black but it’s not quite there. It’s a nice play with the edge. 

White seems to be a nice neutral in this combination. 

I love those light fixtures!!! And even the navy against the black chalkboard looks really nice.

It’s interesting because I never think to paint a piece of furniture navy but there’s a first time for everything.

Navy and gold dining rooms.
Navy and gold accessories.

2 thoughts on “Navy & Gold

  1. Looking at these colors this way is interesting and gives a whole new perspective to them. My initial reaction was, “Oh, University of Michigan?” But the shades are just enough different to kick that thought to the curb. What do you think of sandstone and a deep red?

  2. Hey there! I think sandstone and deep red could be done right. Initially I thought, probably not my style since those are very traditional colors especially together. I would probably add another accent to spice up the mix like teal. :)

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