Well, here we are. 2012. I can’t believe how fast 2011 went by. It was an incredible year for me in every aspect of my life. So now that we have a new year with a new surge of energy, I want to put out there what I want for 2012. I rarely get real personal on my blog, but I thought I would share a few of my 2012 resolutions/goals. Here’s my little mood board I made:

  • Capoeira- I’ve been talking about taking it up for years. Well, I finally signed up and started class on Thursday! Woop!
  • Teach yoga in town- I have so loved teaching in Scotts Valley and I don’t want to stop teaching there but I would love to add a class in town for my students who struggle more to drive a little further.
  • Wall murals- I would love to be commissioned to do more wall murals. Kids rooms are fun (owls, lady bugs, trees- big fan of those)
  • Refurbish furniture- I took this up in 2011 and it’s done well so I would love to continue. Ideally I would love to get some of my pieces on consignment in the Bay area.
  • Learn to knit
  • Take a trip to New York- I haven’t been in ages and I have so many friends that I spent all my summers with growing up. I have promised them a trip this year and I’m gonna do it finally! (It’s been a struggle traveling there since moving to the west coast- no more excuses)
  • Camping- definitely get a few good camping trips this year and for that matter, get better camping gear.
  • Rock climbing- finally get my booty into the climbing gym down the street.
  • Buy a road bike or hybrid.
  • Snowboarding/skiing- Take a trip to Tahoe this winter when it finally snows and get back on the slopes. Haven’t skied since I was 12! Even if I’m on the bunny slopes the whole time, I will feel complete…ish.
  • Get in the water more-whether its surfing or just taking a dip in the ocean. It’s so cleansing.
  • Speak more spanish!!!!
  • Business classes- either take them at Cabrillo or online. I’m feeling the get back to school spirit but not full time by any means because I still want to focus on my work
  • Keep blogging and get more subscribers! (thinking about taking a blog course)
  • Catch a few epic sunrises :)
  • Toastmasters- Yikes! Finally getting to toastmasters and rocking the public speaking :/
  • Cook more brussel sprouts!
  • Yoga poses- every year I try to master a few yoga poses, so I’ve got them in my head. You know who you are.
  • Have more family style dinners at my house
  • Overall be surrounded by love. It’s a big one for me. I’m a lover and I love to love. I love to be loved. I love to feel love. Whether it’s with friends, family or lovers. <3

Happy 2012 folks! I hope it’s your best year yet! Enjoy every moment. Stay present. Take it all in!




6 thoughts on “2012

  1. Happy New Year Beautiful! Woke up with Sweet Nectar on my mind and found your blog. I love the seeds you have planted for 2012!

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