A Splash of Yellow

Remember when I blogged about yellow & grey¬†? Well, I’m back to talk about yellow. This time, splashes of yellow. I think because this winter has been so sunny and beautiful, I am so inspired to keep my home bright. I’m dreading the day that we finally get hit hard with the gloomy weather so I am preparing myself now. Yellow can be really overwhelming. That is why splashes or yellow accents can do the trick. Check it out:

Here’s to another dreadful sunny winter day ;)




2 thoughts on “A Splash of Yellow

  1. love this!
    Great ideas of how to use the old barn doors. We have a bunch of abandoned farmhouses around us (were in Tuscany,Italy) and my husbands been given all of these fantastic windows and doors to refurbish, Im loving the yellow sliding door and imagining it on our kitchen. thanks!!

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