Southwest Inspiration

I know, I know. I’ve been gone for a while. 5 days and counting. Yikes! I’ve been really busy lately with a bunch of different projects which I look forward to sharing with you the more I get into it them.

So lets talk Southwest style. What? Southwest style? Ya… I’m kinda a big fan. What is Southwest style? Well, it generally is a design style that uses a lot of earth tones, rough textures, brightly colored woven fabrics, lots of terracottas, and crafty eclectic objects. Check it out:

I love it. So warm, grounded and colorful. Yes, please!

Oh, also, remember when I told you I was in the sentinel?! Well, I got the paper and seeing it in newspaper form, makes it wayyyy cooler for me. Front page of the Home & Garden Section. Yeaya! Here it is:

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