Floor Seating

I’m a big fan of floor seating. It’s very Moroccan influenced. It feels casual. Although, I don’t think my mom would be too happy about coming to my house and having to sit on the floor. She’ll have to understand. Check out some awesome floor seating/cushions:

A little floor seating nook for tea time.

Another plush nook.



It’s a floor sofa.

I’m a big fan of this one.

Some outdoor floor seating options

Another sofa has lost its legs

Getting cozy by the fireplace.


Stacked aside.


This is like a dream!

Doesn’t floor seating just make a space more homey?!




2 thoughts on “Floor Seating

  1. These are all gorgeous images, but it would be tremendously helpful if you sourced them. Either a designer, a brand, or even just where you found the image. Sourcing is important.. in my opinion, especially if ppl are looking for that something something~


    • Thank you Joanna. I agree but unfortunately this was in my earlier blog days so I didn’t know about sourcing. I have been really good lately. Thanks for stopping by!

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