Fem Beauties

I’m noticing lately that a lot of pink has been infiltrating my design eye. Did I ever tell you guys that when I was little I had an ALL PINK room? I’m not exaggerating by the way. My carpet was fuchsia, my furniture was grey with pink accents and wallpaper was pink hearts. The funny thing was that after I had experienced many years in that room, I decided that I hated pink so guess what I did. I had an ALL BLUE room. Navy carpet and baby blue walls. My babbling reminds me of this photo I saw today:

When it comes to design, I kinda am! Well the truth is that everything eventually comes full circle. So here I am many years later and I’m kinda starting to like the pink. I’m not about to get pink carpet … am I?

Check it out:

A little bit of pink at the base of the table makes this flamingo pink look hot hot hot.

This room is so subtle with the pink but it’s uber feminine and I love it.

Not so much pink here but very feminine and cuddly with all the textures and soft palate.

I am so loving these chairs. Slightly different hue but oh so beautiful. I have enough room in my heart to love you both.

So clearly I am a big fan of different color chairs.

Those globes and their colors are incredible. Feminine for sure but not in your face.

Finalmente, I can’t believe I am actually posting something this bright but I love it.




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