Red… White… Blue

Independence Day. Let’s see how I am inspired by this holiday:


Little babe gets a decked out red room and I’m sure it’s amazingly stimulating for the little one.

That wallpaper could live with me anytime.

All red room in different patterns makes this space have a bohemian vibe. Embracing it!!


Crisp, clean, rustic love.

Beautiful, elegant and simple.

I believe this is one of the best ways to make a monochromatic room work. Use as many textures as possible with keeping the color as simple as possible.


Beachy, cozy and lovely.

A splash of blue. That chair looks very similar to the coffee table I refurbished last year.

Blue mixed with green is not only fresh but calming as well because the colors are so close on the color wheel.

And finally for the grand finale: Red, white and blue room:

I’m not one to use navy blue and deep red together but this room works for so many reasons. The navy on the walls is perfect. The rug has the most amazing modern pattern. The room is casual and cozy. It works.

Happy Independence Day folks! Stay safe and have fun!

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