DIY Earring Hanger

I added some more love to my book page wall with a romantic, vintage inspired earring holder. Remember when I redid all those frames for my desk area? Well in that mix was a massive framed photo of a family.

I felt so bad throwing that out, but it was in a thrift store so I imagine they weren’t really that into it anyway?

I got the frame for $5 and I removed the photo.

I painted it the same color as all the other frames. I then sanded the edges.

I was stuck on what to do with the inner edge of the frame. This was a more spongy materials so it was hard to paint over. Since my book pages were just soaked, I used a few to fill this space. I then sealed it with the Krylon Satin finish. If the pages weren’t wet, I would have used rubber cement or some other adhesive.

When I first moved in I saw this gold mesh material in a roll and I asked who was using it. No one claimed it so I was given permission to use it. It was the perfect size so I didn’t have to cut it. I then used my staple gun to attach the mesh to the frame.

I love that the pages on the inside of the frame accent the full wall of pages behind it.

Is it scary to confess that these are not all the earring I own? A little. I have a few more dangling on another cute earring holder that stands on my dresser.

Here are some close ups. Quite cute ey?

Here’s the before and after shot!

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