A Double on the Rocks Please

It’s only 2 pm so that will have to wait.

What kind of bar setup do you guys have in your home? I have really been digging the bar carts lately. Check out some at-home bars that inspire me:

A rake for wine glass holder? Brilliant!!

This is an Ikea Ektorp Bookcase with added legs and it turned out to be a beautiful wet bar.

I love how fresh this looks and everything is on the wall so it takes up no floor space.

Clean, simple and funky wet bar. Are those National Geographics down there?

I love this rustic, masculine look. That teal color is flippin gorgeous,  no?

Check out this refurbished bar cart. They did a pretty awesome job.

A gilded bamboo bar cart?! Amazing. I love this updated vintage look.

Major splash of color with a simple table used as the wet bar.

This is awesome. I’ve always loved those old TVs. What a corky way to bring them back.

And last but not least, I am desperately looking for something like this old metal cart for a client.

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