Wood Pallet Take 2

Remember back when I posted about wood pallets? Well, I’m at it again. I am currently working with a client in getting him an accent wall made of salvaged wood and my brainstorming is off the hizzy. I can’t help but think how many incredible things you can do with wood pallets. The great thing is that they are usually free. Probably the best place to find them is on craigslist either by putting an ad out or searching for it.

Let’s see how many ideas we can conjure up for wood pallets:

This is a stunning herringbone design dining table. Not only is this one of my favorite designs out right now but the raw wood combined with the clean lines of the design gives me the butterflies.

What a well made bench, yea? I love that the back has uneven sizes, widths and stains.

This is an extremely well made light fixture and it’s an Etsy find!

I love this idea for a swinging bench in the front patio Super simple and super awesome.

What an awesome way to spice up a boring ol’ bookcase.

LOVE this painted wood pallet table. Click on that link for a step by step tutorial.

Yesssss! You barely need to put any work into this one and look how awesome and sophisticated it looks. Add some casters and a glass top and Bam! Dope coffee table.

Of course, we can’t talk about wood pallets without talking about it on a wall. Love it! Gonna use it! Then I’m gonna show you how I did it!!

Planters are great and effective ways to use these salvages pallets and bring a little more rustic raw elements to the outdoors.

And finally, a beautifully stained potting table. Green thumb, not really how you would describe me but maybe a bomb potting table like this would give me some inspiration.

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