Paint, Take Me Away

Happy New Years!!! Wow, is it just me or has it been like pulling teeth trying to get back into work mode?! Anyways, I finally feel like I’m starting to get back into the flow of things.

This time last year I made a post about my 2012 resolutions. I’ve pretty much rocked all my resolutions: Capoeira, teaching yoga in town, wall murals, refurbishing furniture, camping, sunrises… Not bad 2012.

I have one main goal for 2013. It is to stay as present as I can. I want to really enjoy every moment that I have here and notice how from that place, the possibilities of manifesting are endless.

Ok, now let’s inspire our design minds, shall we? So I’ve been really inspired to refurbish furniture again. Here are a few fun projects I found online. Unfortunately most of them don’t have direct sources but you get the idea:


I love this bright neon fuchsia TV stand especially against the masculine wall paint. morrocan side

This is a sweet Moroccan side table and I love the chevron pattern on it as it enhances all the angles of the table. legs

Furniture legs can be super boring but these are really cute ways to funk them up.
iron bed

Another fun neon bed frame for a kids room.


This one is cool because I recognize the furniture from Ikea but with a little touch of paint, it becomes a more unique piece. flowers

This is such a gorgeous piece. Bold yet the neutral colors ease the eye. dresser

What’s with me and neon today? I guess I’m seeing a trend here. circle

Pretty obsessed with this piece. Semi circles!chalkpaint

Chalk paint!! Who doesn’t need a sideboard that tells us what ever drawer holds?

chairAnd finally a sweet chair that has been painted and upholstered in some rad fabric.

Well, my creative juices are flowing. I hope yours are too!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM

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