Get Your Sharpies Out!

Ho Hey! You guys know that Lumineers song? It’s pretty good. Anyways, hows your week going? I’ve been feeling super duper creative lately. I have so many ideas that come to mind on a daily basis that I started a journal so I don’t lose track. I love when I get inspiration like this.

So a little over a week ago, I sharpied the hell out of my Vans. Here’s the story on my Vans. They were given to me by my roommate who is a shoe size bigger then me but I have been wanting white Vans for like ever so when she told me she was going to throw them out, I snatched them right up. They were pretty dirty so I rocked them for a couple of months and then I realized I needed to do something to cover up the dirt:


I totally just snapped this pic on my iPhone at the coffee shop. So that leads me to this:

Have you heard of the blog Vintage Revivals? She is such a rad DIYer and super energetic and funny writer so I really enjoy keeping up with her. A couple of days ago she posted about her DIY Sharpie Wallpaper. Check out the photo:

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Tutorial @ Vintage Revivals[7]She was inspired by an Apartment Therapy post:


So then I was like, “Screw this! Now I’m inspired!” And now I have some images to show you so that you can be inspired too.

142989356889525368_SFCXabb1_cI love this design because it is a perfect blend of this mid century modern, graphic, abstract design. That’s the best way I can describe it and the best part is that it’s in gold!

black-and-white-wall-color-decalThis is a fun one for your office. Why not?


I totally adore this design especially because it doesn’t take up the whole wall which could be really overwhelming and maybe even nauseating after a couple glasses or wine.


Ok this person is a rockstar. Those trees are beautiful! I would definitely play around and sketch a lot of paper before throwing it on the walls but I totally adore how this came out.


And finally, look at this beaut! It so works in this loft space with high ceilings. Isn’t it amazing?

So here’s the deal. Wallpaper can be expensive but sharpies and a creative mind are not. Get to it before your kids do!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM

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