Applique Onesies

Happy Holidays!!! I am currently thawing out inside my brothers home in Chicago. Yup, it’s about 5 degrees outside. This Cali girl will be staying indoors.

The best part is that I get to snuggle with my new little baby niece. She’s delicious and scrumptious and cuter than I could imagine.

Of course I had to make sure she got some of her Auntie’s appliquéd onesies:

photo 1

Here’s the breakdown:

photo 2

John + Lisa = meeeeeee

photo 3

Put a bird on it.

photo 4

If she’s got her daddy’s genes, she will definitely make use of these spectacles.

photo 5

But in the meantime she can just look like a hipster baby.

Ok back to snuggle-time!!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Holiday Gift Guide 2013: DIY Gifts for the Home

Wow, it’s been 18 days since I last posted. That is way too long!! So here’s the scoop: Same old. Just busy working working and working. Oh and I threw my back out AGAIN!!! It’s horrible being an active person but more importantly a yoga teacher with a back injury. So I’m trying the bed rest thing but it’s not really working because I can’t sit still. Needless to say, it has reminded me how badly I need to get back on my blog.

SO… this evening I want to get started with my annual Holiday Gift Guide. I want to focus this year on DIY gifts because they are fun, generally inexpensive and way more personal. Let’s get started on specific gifts for the home:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.36.23 PM

1. Mugs in general are an awesome holiday gift for the home because who doesn’t like to sip some coffee or tea out of a fine, personalized mug?! (source)


2. Oh man, these mason jar votives are just adorable!!!! I would think that this would be more of a feminine gift for the home but you can get creative and use some cool bicycle printed paper or something a little more unisex. (source)


3. Ok, instagram is kinda a big deal these days. Yes, I have my own instagram so why not throw a few of your fave photos on some tile and call it a coaster?! (source)


4. The dipped look is one I have been fond of for some time now. You can find out about my love for it here and here. You can buy a handful of these cooking utensils and dip them in paint. I would definitely research the perfect paint and sealant that would be good for heat and washing but overall, adorable diy gift. (source)


5. And finalmente: who is daring enough to try to make their own tea?! Let me know how it turns out because I would probably poison someone. It’s an adorable idea and I hope someone does it successfully. (source)


Ok that is all… Oh wow, it feels good to get back in the blogging game. Missed you all dearly!

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Crafty Weekend! Bedroom Update

Happy Monday blog lovers! So, remember when I posted about my bedroom design plan and how I definitely wasn’t going to get to it until November because I’ve been so busy. And then remember when I’ve hinted once or twice about how impatient I am? Ok, so this weekend, I got a lot done. Here are a few updates:

I got this pine armoire for $40.

photo 2 copyI bought some Chalkpaint and some decorative knobs and boom:

photo 3 copy

Here’s a close-up:

photo 4

Those knobs are from World Market. I’ll get some better photos soon. Those were quickly snapped this morning.

photo 5

I also got that massive window. Still unsure if I am going to keep it as is or add some design to it but I am loving how it fills up that whole wall.

My impatience got the better half of me so while I waited on other projects to set or dry, I crafted some more:

photo 1

Some hearts on my pillows.

photo 2Chalkboard on glass is nice! This is in my room. I’ll show you how rad the full wall looks like with all my art and photography later.

photo 1 copy

I also drew on some rocks. Ha! I really can’t sit still.

The only things that are waiting to get done in my bedroom now are my wood pallet headboard (which I already got a hold of 2 pallets) and my appliqué duvet (which I already ordered the appliqué fabric). But you know, I’ll always find a new craft project.

Here’s what I cooked up this morning for my next couple days:

photo 3

Left over veggies, quinoa, chicken apple sausage. BaBAM! Yum.

Also there is this ridiculously awesome flea market here in Santa Cruz every weekend and I have no idea why I am not there all the time but I went yesterday and probably the best score of the day was this $1 costume:


And I’ll leave you with that.

Have a beautiful day… and craft away!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Crafts Season of 2013

It’s craft fair season again! If you don’t remember my season last year you can click here and here. Because I am a lot busier with work this year, I chose my favorite craft fair to do this time around. I only really have the time and energy for 1 but I figure I can sell anything else on Etsy and on my blog.

So anyways, I decided to stick with scarves, reusable bags and small canvases this year. Here are my products:


I’m super into inspirational quotes as you will see a theme with my crafts.

photo 1 copy

SUPER COZY scarf. God, I almost want to keep it for myself this winter.

photo 2 copy

Infinity scarf with this dopetastic yellow fabric and a grey jersey knot with a faux leather band.

photo 3 copy

Jersey knit infinity scarf with yellow fabric as the band.

photo 4

Bags and bags and bags!






So those were a few of my crafts for this fair. You gotta check it out. This place is gonna have bluegrass music and GOATS!! GOAAAAATTTS!


NOVEMBER 2ND- Mark the calendars.

Also, my friend is having a baby shower this weekend. I’m hoping she doesn’t see this post but I got her this cute little outfit at Ross but I hated the bows on there and I wanted to give it an Ariela twist.

Here is how I bought it:

photo 1

Those bows were a b**ch and a half to remove.

Here’s that after:

photo 2

What?! So cute. Hearts on the knees and some hipster classes in her pocket… she’s ready!

photo 3

Now, for the weekend!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM