Craft Fair Season

Alright, it’s time. So far me and Jennifer Way from Kitty Beast are locked into 3 fairs this season:

November 3rd: Poppy Farm Fair in Aptos (Native Revival Nursery: 2600 Mar Vista Dr, Aptos 95003)

December 2nd: Poppy Farm Fair in San Jose (San Pedro Square Market- Lusardi Building: 100 North Almaden Ave, San Jose 95110)

December 8th: Holiday Art & Craft Faire (Simpkins Family Swim Center: 979 17th Ave, Santa Cruz 95062)

You can always check out our online Etsy shops for updates (mine will be updated soon) :

Ariela Designs

Kitty Beast

Or stay connected on our Facebook Craft Fair Event.


Reusable Bags

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Over the last few days I have been nonstop working on items for craft season. I just finished a batch of reusable bags. I love these bags because you can use them for holding your fresh items from farmers markets, shopping at the grocery store or even day to day life. Last season I made a ton and I only have a few left. You can check out the leftovers on my Etsy page.

Here are my new ones and note that I have yet to iron them so they will be a lot crisper. I just wanted to share my new goodies:

La bicyclette. Just a simple bicycle design for all your bike lovers. I think I know a few in Santa Cruz ;)

Señor Owl lurking over his branch.

The one above and the one below are both inspired by the beach and sunset. There is a gradient effect from turquoise to gold and then a scallop design to create movement in the bag.

Applique lotus flower made of all organic scraps. These one took forever!!

A big ol’ heart made of faux leather.

Sun peeking through hills of scallops!

My geometric set which again has the gradient effect from turquoise to gold with a silver scallop design.

Another geometric bag with the gradient effect and scallop design.

Gotta love dem hearts. One can never get too much love.

And there you have it! 10 new bags made with love just for you!


Over the Weekend

Heyo! It’s Monday. I haven’t really been posting consistently so I want to keep you posted on what I’ve been up to lately.

So I decided I am going to do 3 craft fairs in the next couple of months. I am really excited to be sharing a booth with my friend Jennifer from KittyBeast. I have a few things left over from past shows in the last year but I was inspired to do new things.

Here’s what I go so far:

Delicious scarves for Fall.

Soon to be pillow made of love.

Another love pillow!

Okay, next up. I was commissioned to do a replica of one of my paintings but in a smaller size. This is the original:

It’s hanging at a downtown restaurant and I was so pleased when I got the call about this painting. As any artist knows, it can be pretty difficult to completely copy a piece that was already made since all of them are originals but I have been trying.

Here’s where I am at:

It’s definitely not 100%. I would say I’m more at 60%. Getting there but much harder than I thought.

And finally, I have this wonderful client that I am working with now. Remember back when I asked on Facebook which stencil design or lack there of that you liked most? If you don’t remember, this was the image I posted:

 Most people loved the scallop design (number 1) and I would agree. This was a nook in my clients bedroom that was going to be a space to relax and read.

So this weekend, we got the stencil which was smaller than anticipated. This is how it looked before:

I had her paint the base a beige color because the stencil would have me paint the coral over. You can kind of see the stencil in the bottom right corner. Small right?!

Here’s just a sneak peek:

I started off completely filling in the scallops with 2 coats of paint but then I had an idea to soften the wall and make it look more whimsical and that was to just use one coat so it looked a little spongier and more like coral. This is a beach theme in here. Also you will notice that we turned the stencil upside down because it reminded her more of a flower.

Anyways, I am going back on Friday for touch ups and to finish the top of the wall. That was 4 hours straight but so fun!

Here’s to a productive week!



Sooooo as a few exciting changes are coming my way, I had decided to have a big sale on most of my Etsy items. I am making space so I can start a new line of bags and some extra goodies I will keep ya’ll posted on.

Alright, enough blabbing! Here are my items:

These upcycled scarves are made from old items that were given new life in the form of an infinity scarf.


These upcycled cuffs are made from old items that were given a new life in the form of a cuff.


All my items are 100% cotton. If you don’t own a reusable bag by now, I invite you to start now. Whether it be my bags or another seller’s, it is worth the small investment. I honestly will tell you that every time I go to the grocery store and use my own bags I come home feeling 10 times better that I didn’t waste more paper. I try to bring humor in my items. Example: Mr Roboto tells us to “Go Green!” Oh Mr. Roboto.


2 baby onesies and 2 baby T’s both for 24 month olds are hand stitched, handstamped with fabric paint and 100% cotton.


Fabric flags are made of 100% cotton sewn onto jute rope. Double sided and make up 9 flags.


*** Note: if you live in Santa Cruz area, please contact me before purchasing through Etsy as I will discard the shipping fee.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you!