2014, what the hell just happened? I swear I was just in 2011.

Check out my 2012 and my one and for 2013, I remember writing this: I have one main goal for 2013. It is to stay as present as I can. I want to really enjoy every moment that I have here and notice how from that place, the possibilities of manifesting are endless.

I have to stay that I’ve done a pretty good job. Of course I didn’t get a lot done. I never learned to knit, I didn’t start rock-climbing, I didn’t get to ski.. blah blah blah. I don’t really care because what I did accomplish was amazing. I moved into an incredible house, I was successful at patch working jobs together that I was passionate about, I attracted incredible and solid people in my life, I landed the most kick ass job (which starts Monday), I took myself to Hawaii, I took myself to NY to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and I was more than ever aware of being as present and content as possible.

So 2014, I’m so ready to charge and love every minute of it. Here are a few things I’d like to tackle this year:

1. Rock climbing. No ifs, ands or butts. I’m going tomorrow or the next to the climbing gym. Boom. Done. Set. Next!


2. As I step into this new and incredible job on Monday, I have so many goals but my main one is to be able to prove myself and exceed not only my expectations but the expectations of my boss, my peers, my friends. I hope I am able to find that perfect balance between work and play and continue to stay inspired creatively and professionally.

3. Get in the water more. I can’t pretend to like squeezing into a wetsuit when it’s cold outside and jumping into the frigid pacific ocean BUT it’s so cleansing and I always feel amazing whenever I do. I stripped down to my skivvies on Jan 1st this year and jumped in. It was cleansing, cold and highly recommended.


4. I want to cook as many meals as possible for myself. Farmers markets, seasonal fruits and veggies, juicing, soups. All of the above.

5. I want to be able to accept challenges with ease and grace and let go of needing to control situations. This is a big one for me. I tend to have a busy mind as a lot of other artists do but I have the tools to find more peace and balance. I’m looking forward to meditating more, doing more yoga of my own (not necessarily teaching) and just finding my own peace in whatever I do. Walking along the beach. Breathing in that fresh air. Enjoy more of these moments:


6. Stay as creative as possible. Don’t be afraid to look like a nut sometimes. Rock out as many pieces of jewelry as possible, paint to my hearts desire, sew until my fingers burn, and drape as much as possible.


7. Stay active. Switch it up. Climbing, swimming, surfing, walking, yogaing… I don’t care. When I don’t move my body I feel like crap. When I move my body I feel great so that’s my scientific evidence that exercise is good for ya. It’s not about how I look but about how I feel. And a little about how I look.


8. I want to stop putting these ridiculous timelines on myself or intense goals. I want to blog but I’m not going to make myself crazy if I don’t blog for a few weeks. I want to tackle all these fun projects at home but I don’t want to be disappointed if it takes me a while to get them done. I am such an impatient fool sometimes and I want to learn how to just take my time with things and stop putting pressure on myself. Enjoy the moment. Stay present. Carry on

9. Have fun. Ya, lots of fun. I accept that I am a social butterfly. I have the serious case of FOMO sometimes. I don’t like to stay in that much. It bores me. It gives my brain time to make myself crazy. More weekend road trips and random adventures. And yes, of course, enjoy my moments to myself when I have them.


10. Laugh, be silly, don’t take myself too seriously. So far, I’ve spent every day this year laughing until I cried. You are correct, it’s only day 3 but I wouldn’t mind doing that every day.


11. Snuggle more.



Holiday Gift Guide 2013: DIY Gifts for the Home

Wow, it’s been 18 days since I last posted. That is way too long!! So here’s the scoop: Same old. Just busy working working and working. Oh and I threw my back out AGAIN!!! It’s horrible being an active person but more importantly a yoga teacher with a back injury. So I’m trying the bed rest thing but it’s not really working because I can’t sit still. Needless to say, it has reminded me how badly I need to get back on my blog.

SO… this evening I want to get started with my annual Holiday Gift Guide. I want to focus this year on DIY gifts because they are fun, generally inexpensive and way more personal. Let’s get started on specific gifts for the home:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.36.23 PM

1. Mugs in general are an awesome holiday gift for the home because who doesn’t like to sip some coffee or tea out of a fine, personalized mug?! (source)


2. Oh man, these mason jar votives are just adorable!!!! I would think that this would be more of a feminine gift for the home but you can get creative and use some cool bicycle printed paper or something a little more unisex. (source)


3. Ok, instagram is kinda a big deal these days. Yes, I have my own instagram so why not throw a few of your fave photos on some tile and call it a coaster?! (source)


4. The dipped look is one I have been fond of for some time now. You can find out about my love for it here and here. You can buy a handful of these cooking utensils and dip them in paint. I would definitely research the perfect paint and sealant that would be good for heat and washing but overall, adorable diy gift. (source)


5. And finalmente: who is daring enough to try to make their own tea?! Let me know how it turns out because I would probably poison someone. It’s an adorable idea and I hope someone does it successfully. (source)


Ok that is all… Oh wow, it feels good to get back in the blogging game. Missed you all dearly!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Trend Alert –> ARROWS

So, arrows are all the rage. I think they are taking the place of chevron stripes and I gotta say… I kinda dig it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.13.38 PM

1. Arrow pillow… I also am a fan of hand painting this. (source)


2. Get out of town. I’m obsessed with this baby blanket. Why do babies get the best stuff? (source)4702dd841069a42ab917c2c01043f3e4

3. I’m loving this print from Society6. (source)


4. Rock painting! (source)


5. Linen zip bag (source)


6. Hand stamped yoga bag. Yes. (source)


7. Some reclaimed wood arrow art. (source)


Get all up on these arrows, man! Although, my one Feng Shui perspective is be cautious of the point of the arrow. I recently saw a baby mobile with arrows pointing down towards the baby… ehhh not so good. You get the point?



Ok it’s now time for me to go and get prepped for this shindig. Love you all to pieces!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Lifestyle Post

Very rarely do I get personal on my blog but I’ve made a few changes recently that have felt really good and I wanted to share and inspire others.

A few weeks ago I bought a brand new car. I had a used BMW and although it was a fun ride, I was realizing that it was turning into a money pit so I traded it in for a Honda CRV and I can’t even tell you how happy I am. First off, gas alone is is saving me about $100 a month but that being said, I am financing it so I have a monthly bill that I have to be responsible for. This month in particular, I decided to really become in control of my finances so I can be ready for my payments and also pay off my credit cards. This mean cutting back a whole lot. I could do it in phases and not be so tight on my budget but as some of you in my life may know, I am probably the most impatient person.


The main thing I focused on was my personal spending. I am as social as a social butterfly can get! I love going out to dinners and drinks and catching up with friends but ladies and gentlemen… surprise! It adds up! So my main goal was seeing if I could cook as many meals as possible at home. It’s a commitment on time and energy but I can’t even begin to express how much better my body and my pocket feels. I am limiting the amount I go out so this means that if my friends want to meet up for dinner and drinks then I eat my dinner at home and meet them for drinks later. I do all my grocery shopping on Sundays and get prepped for the week. Here’s my shopping guide:

1. Quinoa- I usually cook a giant amount on Sunday and have that as my grain/carb for most of my meals.


2. Protein comes in the form of eggs, chicken sausage, shrimp skewers, and canned tuna


3. My go to fruits and veggies are: spinach, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, butter lettuce, baby carrots, mushrooms and berries. (All organic of course but like I always say- this is a personal choice).

4. My yummy extras: Part skim shredded mozzarella cheese, avocados, 70% dark chocolate, blue corn tortilla chips and salsa, greek nonfat yogurt, steel cut oats, hummus and trader joes chai mix.


One of my addictions is the chai latte at my local coffee shop but I once found out that their secret was buying their mix at Trader Joes. Boom! Winning!

So my meals vary but stay pretty consistent. Here are a few examples of some meals I have cooked up:

1. Butter lettuce salad with canned tuna and vegonaise (tuna salad) with toasted pine nuts dressed in grapeseed oil and ground lemon pepper.


2. Quinoa with 2 poached eggs, spinach, sliced mushrooms and shredded cheese. Topped of with some avocado slices. Sometimes I’ll add some Siracha if I need to spiciness in my life.


3. Quinoa with sautéed zucchini and onion and diced chicken sausage.


4. Berries with greek yogurt topped with flax and chia seeds and agave nectar.


5. Stuffed bellpeppers with quinoa, chicken sausage, spinach, onions and shredded cheese.


6. Steel cut oats with skim milk, berries and agave nectar.


7. Thai Lime shrimp skewers with a veggies medley and quinoa.


Those are a few of my fave dishes. Of course some chips and salsa when I need to nosh and a bite of dark chocolate holds me over for my sweet craving.


The only outside purchasing I have been doing is my random coffee stops for $2.25.

Not only do I feel amazing because my spending has gone down significantly but I can’t even tell you how amazing my body and energy feels. I’ve been enjoying cooking for myself for the last year or so but never to this level and consistency. Knowing every ingredient that goes into my body and filling it up with energizing and fresh foods has given me a level of health I haven’t felt in a long time. I have also significantly cut back on drinking (not that I was ever a heavy drinker) and this has also reduced my sudden cravings. Also, because I am so prepared with my foods, I never go so long without eating that I get ravaged by the end of the day. This has happened all too much for me in the past.

So without blabbing on and on about how amazing I am feeling, I will leave you with this. It takes motivation and a whole lot of commitment to prepare every meal but give yourself maybe one week to try it out to feel the significant changes in your life.  I can’t say this is a change I will 100% stay committed to because life happens and family happens and friends happen and they are a huge joy but now I know what I need to do to get to this place and it’s awesome.

So try it out! One week of cooking your own meals. Find meals that work for you and get in a rhythm and then share your recipes with me!

Love you all to pieces!

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