5 Craigslist Finds

Listen up Santa Cruz! I’ve got some cool finds from Craigslist. Some could use a little love others are lovely just as they are. Jump on it!


For $125, I would get this and paint it up to look more like this:


The grey is fabulous. You could also do something more distressed and even keep the wood countertop as is.


Brass lamps for $50. Keep the brass and change the shade to look more like this:


Although this picture uses a very basic brass base (wow that’s a tongue twister!), the pattern shade is fun. I would just be careful not to get too busy on the shade since the base has texture of its own.


Free chairs dudes! I would even just keep the color but sand it down way more to get a vintage look. This are some solid wood chairs. Do it!

3Kd3Ga3Jc5Ld5E65H2d5ie08c437a02bb1e05Pedestal tables are always gems. This one is $90. People are always afraid to paint their tables. With these tables, if you truly mess it up (which I don’t believe there really is a way to), then there will be another one right around the corner. The idea is to paint it to look more like this:


You would have to restore the top with some sand paper and a good few coats of stain. Then paint the base a fun color. OR you can just paint it all one color but I’m a fan of the two-tone lately.


A $100 and you could turn this puppy into this:

9f2e231b82b0e751d4b5a73423f22369And the inside is blue!! Presh.

Alrighty, get on it!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Recycled Products for Holiday Gifts

Yesterday I posted gift ideas that are Eco-friendly but today I will take it a step further and show some gifts that are made out of recycled materials or given a new life.

1. Heart Pierced Spoon Ring: $34

2. Recycled Bike Chain Art: $25

3. Recycled Journal: $19

4. Coffee Sack Laptop Bag: $65

5. Coffee Sack Cushion Cover: $72

6. Recycled Leather Bracelet: $20

7. Patron Soap Lotion Dispenser: $20

8. Recycled Cotton Lunch Bag: $14

9. Recycled 6 pack Carrier: $12

10. Recycled Wool Felt Mittens: $27


Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

We’re getting to the final days before the holidays. Today I want to share some Eco-friendly gift ideas:

1. Organic Body Gifts-Vegan-Rosemary Mint: $29.99

2. Mint Tea Natural Organic Soap Bar: $6.50

3. Snapping Paper Towel Set: $52

4. Herbal Lip Balm: $20

5. Engraved Cork Coasters: $10

6. Reusable Bowl Covers: $30

7. Eco Small Bag: $15

8. Large Cloth Napkins: $13.50

9. Eco-home Wall Clock: $38

10. Eco Lunch Sack: $22


Gift Guide for the Big Hearted <3

I’m a big fan of heart designs lately and I think it’s safe to say that there are others out there like me as well. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide for the Big Hearted.

1. Heart Stud Earrings: $25

2. Heart Leggings: $26.50

3. Elephant and Heart Iphone Case: $13.99

4. Black Heart Art: $150

5. Heart Pillow Cover: $32

6. Knitted Heart Headband: $28

7. Heart Gloves: $30

8. Tiny Heart Rubber Stamp: $2.50

9. Heart Nose Ring: $10.95

10. Tan Leather Heart Keychain: $15

11. Heart Letterpress Thank You Card: $12