A Short Message

My blog family: Sorry for being so M.I.A. Life has been changing before my eyes and I’m overwhelmed in the best way possible with all the transition. I will be back soon to keep you all inspired and up-to-date with all the goodness coming my way.


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La Casita Tour Continues

Good evening mis amigos. It was such a beautiful day today so when I got home I took some more photos of my beautiful casita. I wanted to share them with you:

1I absolutely love having a front porch. That bench came with the house and I spend quite a lot of time there.


Moving indoors, I wanted to share some new developments. My roommate is an incredible artist and I am always pushing her to have her art shown somewhere around town. Hers is the top left. Who doesn’t love feathers these days! Bottom left is another artist friend of mine who now lives in Wyoming. I feel so blessed to have this piece hanging in our dining room. At the bottom right we have my makeshift necklace holder in the bathroom.


Moving into our backyard, we’ve got an array of different flowers and plants. Top left, we’ve got a lemon tree where you can bet your bottom dollar I pick on a daily. Of course, we’ve got my trusty cruiser. Although I’ve been dealing with a bit of a back injury and haven’t been able to ride much, I am so looking forward to the day I can hop back on and cruise around town in this weather!


And finally, some close up shots of my favorite succulents!


Here I am in the bathroom which pours in a ton of natural light. Our biggest challenges are the kitchen and bathroom just because it has older fixtures that we need to work around but I so love the character.

Ahhh, and with that I say goodnight my lovely family.

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My Good ‘Ol Thesis Days

So I recently was putting together my portfolio for a job interview and was reacquainted with my thesis. It’s pretty crazy how much my style has changed. Our thesis was finding an existing real life floorplan with a specified number of square feet (I don’t remember the number) ¬†and remodel it however we would like. Of course there were certain requirements and whatnot but it was pretty much free game to create whatever we wanted. I got a floorplan from an existing restaurant in Denver, CO and I decided to recreate it into a restaurant/lounge called… Wait for it… “Sultra featuring Indigo Lounge.” Yup!

So the whole idea behind the name and concept of my restaurant/lounge was that the restaurant would be the Fire element and the lounge would be the Water element. Check out the craziness here:

11-floorplan update new copy

1- axo

The entrance is at the round point to the left. Then if you decide to eat dinner at Sultra, you will be walking through a tunnel with fire or monitors with fire videos- I don’t remember. If you decide to go to Indigo Lounge then you walk through a tunnel with water through plexiglass.

7-tunnel fire update copy

Yes, that would be a Swarovski crystal chandelier that costs over $100,000. No big deal.

1-floor seating copy

Sultra was a sushi joint or maybe Asian fusion. I can’t fully remember. So there is the traditional floor seating. With red string curtains. Oh yea.

2-party room in copyThis would be the private party room.

2-sultra dining copyI love this program that gives you reflection and light to your surfaces. That guy in the back. He’s wearing sunglasses.

3- main bar copyThis is the main bar that connects the two spaces. To the right, you see this white tufted looking wall. Those are the curved walls that divide the space. They also create some sort of sound absorbency.

perspective loungeThis is the lounge area complete with circular lounge seating, a dj booth and a fancy mosaic dance floor. Oh wait, don’t forget about that crystal ball looking fixture. I believe that is another Swarovski crystal gem.

4- exterior copy

This is the exterior of the building. Adding some climbing ivy and topiaries with some change in the hard materials was pretty much all I did.

I wish I could show you the 3D video I made. The background music was “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp. Oh how times have changed.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Craft Fair Love

I’m happy to report a few things. For one, the weather is absolutely gorgeous right now in Santa Cruz. We’ve had some gnarly rain the last couple of weeks so this is a real treat! Also, the craft fair this last weekend was a total success. I had to cancel the one a week prior because of my injured back which ended up being ok because apparently the rain kept a bunch of people away.

Here are a few photos of the show this last Saturday:

We had a sweet setup in the corner. It was a little chilly in there. I was like a cat all day long trying to find the sunny spots and warming up.

People were really digging the fabric choices I had this time around. I guess reindeer with thick framed glasses are not only appealing to me ;)

And finally, last craft fair of the season and the one I am most excited about:

It’s going to be at a home with a large yard in my neighborhood so it’s going to be relaxed and a great way to end the season. Hope to see you all there!