Catch Up Time

Hi, my sweet design lovers. Oh how I’ve missed you but have not forgotten about you.

Life has been as full as full can be!! It’s a beautiful thing. Also Fall has arrived and my love for this Northern California weather has me screaming for joy! This is my favorite time of year.

Anyways, I wanted to share a little bit of what I have been up to lately.

So I got this really cute wooden owl from a dear friend of mine.

photo 1

I loved it but I wanted to give it a bit more of a rustic, shabby look and those eyes were a little too intense. So…

3I gave it a little upgrade. Gave it a few layers of paint including white and grey and a bit of gold. I popped out those felt eyes (I kinda felt like I tortured the poor thing) and sanded it all down a bit….

photo 5

Now it fits in a lot better with all my goodies.

Also, I’ve been crafting like a mad-woman. The image below is actually a painting I did over another geometric painting. Then while I was waiting for all these images to upload, I was too impatient, so I added even more to it…

photo 3

At this moment, it’s looking like this but who know what it will end up like tomorrow:


A few doodles ain’t hurt nobody.

Here’s one I did a little bit ago. I’ve got this geometric design in my mind!

photo 4

Also, I just sold another painting at the studio so I had to fill up the space. This is by far one of my favorites so far.

photo 2

It’s a 16″x20″ canvas and I am hanging it up this week. Very different from all the other paintings I have up at the studio so I am curious what people think.

I sold a second painting and this was what I painted:

1Here’s a close up view:


Oooh! I got a sweet rug from World Market. I love it. As you can tell I have some grody brown shag carpet throughout my house so filling the space with rugs is essential:


And for some design client updates…. Remember my amazing client who I worked with the last few months redoing her apartment? Well, we are almost done with her space. We probably have about 15% left to go. Here’s what the bedroom looks like now:


Here’s what it looked like before:

photo-28Just a tad different, ey?

This is what the nook in the bedroom looks like right now:

6This was the before:


We are working on getting some more pillows that work better with the space, artwork and the final touches. I am happy because my client likes to sew so I went to our local fabric store and picked up some fabrics that went perfectly with the decor:


We’ve got a beach theme going on if you haven’t noticed with a lot of coral.




some grey to neutralize all the coral accents.

Anyways, life is good guys. I can’t complain. I feel blessed by all these amazing opportunities. Maybe it’s this Fall weather that gets deep within my bones and makes me the happiest kid on the planet, but hey! I’ll take it.

Love you all to the moon and back!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Final DIY Projects of 2012

Happy Holidays everyone. Well, I know some of us have some time off before the new year so I figured I would give you guys a little inspiration to get your DIY on.

final 2012 projects

1. This is sort of an Ikea hack but you can really do this with any vase in your home.

2. Mason jars are my favorite thing in life. There are so many things you can play with but I am loving this soap dispenser.

3. Are you like me and have a terrible time keeping your iphone cases fresh? Well, then do it yourself and save some money!

4. This is such a simple art piece. Gold circle stickers on white paper in a white frame. Boom.

5. My friend just gifted me some beautiful diy coasters and got me inspired. These are pretty cute.

6. See a branch, pick it up, throw it on the wall and save a buck: Jewelry hanger

7. DIY candle holder with a little love and knowledge.

8. Hanging plants. It’s a great way to add some dimension to your space especially when you feel stuck on wall art.

9. Do you know how much I love dreamcatchers? This one is so whimsical and dreamy.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

I live by the beach after all! Sandy toes and salty kisses are just a part of beach living.

I wanted to have some fun beach art when you first walk into my new home. I used the leftover wood from my desk to create this art piece.

I was really inspired by these painting:

I talk more about this painting in my Painted Wood Art post.

And this one which brought me so much joy! You can read more about it in my last segment of 5 Weekend DIYs.

I started off with the sun:

Pretty simple. I just used 2 different shades of yellow.

I then wanted it to look a little more rustic:

I used my Walnut Stain and an old t-shirt to allow the imperfections of the wood to come through.

I then used a pastel to outline my lettering. I knew I didn’t want it to be perfect. So this was the end result:

I used white paint for the letters and silver paint pen for some of the outline.

It’s leaning up at the first landing of our stair case. I am holding off on showing how it looks with the full room because we still need to put some love into it.

Imperfections are perfect in my eyes :)