Crafty Weekend! Bedroom Update

Happy Monday blog lovers! So, remember when I posted about my bedroom design plan and how I definitely wasn’t going to get to it until November because I’ve been so busy. And then remember when I’ve hinted once or twice about how impatient I am? Ok, so this weekend, I got a lot done. Here are a few updates:

I got this pine armoire for $40.

photo 2 copyI bought some Chalkpaint and some decorative knobs and boom:

photo 3 copy

Here’s a close-up:

photo 4

Those knobs are from World Market. I’ll get some better photos soon. Those were quickly snapped this morning.

photo 5

I also got that massive window. Still unsure if I am going to keep it as is or add some design to it but I am loving how it fills up that whole wall.

My impatience got the better half of me so while I waited on other projects to set or dry, I crafted some more:

photo 1

Some hearts on my pillows.

photo 2Chalkboard on glass is nice! This is in my room. I’ll show you how rad the full wall looks like with all my art and photography later.

photo 1 copy

I also drew on some rocks. Ha! I really can’t sit still.

The only things that are waiting to get done in my bedroom now are my wood pallet headboard (which I already got a hold of 2 pallets) and my appliqué duvet (which I already ordered the appliqué fabric). But you know, I’ll always find a new craft project.

Here’s what I cooked up this morning for my next couple days:

photo 3

Left over veggies, quinoa, chicken apple sausage. BaBAM! Yum.

Also there is this ridiculously awesome flea market here in Santa Cruz every weekend and I have no idea why I am not there all the time but I went yesterday and probably the best score of the day was this $1 costume:


And I’ll leave you with that.

Have a beautiful day… and craft away!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


My Happiness on a Thursday.

Rustic Industrial inspired dining rooms. I am a big, big BIG fan of the industrial chairs.

This geometric painted floating nightstand made out of plywood. An amazing DIY and fab looking too.

This colorful living room. There’s a lot going on and that’s how I like it.

This little girl’s room. The color on the walls is the perfect shade of pink and I love that it is paired with lots of neutrals and pops of orange.

This worldly hallway. I bet the folks living here have been well traveled and have tons of great stories from their adventures.

This bohemian kitchen. The arched window is so beautiful and the vaulted ceilings makes this space look so large.

This room works so well for me because of the painted blue floors. Since this shade of blue tends to be a colder color, they do a great job at warming it up with all the patterns and natural elements.

The layered rugs, the view, the Moroccan feel, every single piece of furniture. This room is a yes today.

And last but not least, this lovely headboard makes me very happy. I’m a big fan of DIY headboards.

Have a wonderful Thursday!





Bohemian Bedroom

Yesterday I blogged about Bohemian living rooms. I figured I would stay on the same theme this week. There is something so mysterious about the bohemian style. It is unpredictable which makes it so exciting. Let me share some awesome Bohemian style bedrooms:

Don’t you ever wonder who actually lives in these homes?





Bedroom Styles

Bedrooms, as we all know, are key areas of a home. I always find it interesting when you see a home that is so well designed and then you get to the bedroom and you can tell they just got burnt out. I say, begin with the bedroom. This is an area that resembles your health. Sleep is so important to keep you sane, productive, happy and healthy. Well, let’s inspire you, shall we?!

I believe there are many types of bedroom styles. Check some out and hopefully one will spark your fire.

There’s the colorful bedroom that keeps your eye interested and stimulated.

There’s the mysterious bedroom that stays dark and cozy.

There’s the romantic bedroom that stays pretty simple and clean but lures you in. What better way to lure you in than a canopy bed.

There’s that wild dreamer who creates the most incredible bedrooms.

There’s the grounded bedroom. Mattresses stay on the floor and everything stays earthy and organic.

Then there’s that cute person who loves leaving little notes or reminders. We all need reminders :)

And then there was whimsy. She doesn’t necessarily like to have her bed made. She keeps the colors in the room more toned down. She creates a more lived in environment. She likes to spend some mornings gazing out the window daydreaming… (ehhh somewhat guilty).

Well?! Go to your bedroom and get to work and let me know how it turns out.