Show Pictures

The Holiday Trunk Show was so fun! There were a ton of different vendors there. There was pottery, clothing, massages, spa treatments, healthy food, and jewelry. Here are a few pics of my items.

Cards and frames and things.

Had some outdoor space.

So there it is! It was super fun and now I’m gearing up for the art show this Saturday!





And the Card-Making Begins…

I finally realized that I am losing time for this trunk show on the 29th since I will be out of town for Thanksgiving so I finally got some materials today and got moving! Check it:

It’s a whale spouting hearts!! Yaaaa I’m cheesy.

Little letter stamps at the local art store… <3

What’s the plural of Octopus?

2 cards in the trash, feeling defeated and 1.5 hours later, I made 2 successful cards! Phewww!


  1. Watercolor is NOT my friend
  2. I have a lot of materials that I do not know how to use properly
  3. I should never be allowed to use spray adhesive or really spray anything as my fingers are pretty much stuck together at this point
  4. I LOVE letter stamps because it’s really hard to mess that up