E-Design Client Photos

Hola hola blogosphere! I’m promising to be better at blogging from now on. The holidays just set me back a bit with work so I’ve been having to play catch up.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited to share some photos that me E-Design client sent me this week. So here’s what you need to know about her:

-she lives in New York

-looking to add some color and more finished design elements into her bedroom

-interested in a blend of eclectic and whimsical design

-she works in hospitals so is really unattracted to those pastel, “calming” colors

These are the before photos she sent me:



3She absolutely hated the lavender on the walls and I don’t blame her. The room just feels a bit cold and stark. Not really a place I would feel nested and cozy in on a cold winter night in New York.

I do love the older character of the space. The thick molding and baseboards showed me a lot of potential for fun design elements.

So after sending her a questionnaire and images of bedrooms that appealed to her, I ended up with 2 different options for her space:

BEDROOM GOLD VIEWS The gold bedroom was warm, inviting, colorful with bohemian touches.

BEDROOM PURPLE VIEWSThe purple room was a bit warmer and more sophisticated. Same ideas for bohemian touches and bold color but a bit earthier.

So she chose the purple option:


And here are the after photos she sent me:


1And here are the photos side by side:



I love when my clients are total rockstars. She pretty much got everything I suggested and I think it looks ridiculously awesome. I might need to move in with her for a bit. She is going to send me some photos during the day which I will post but I just wanted to show you guys how much just a bit of color and inspiration can change a whole space. I’m excited to move on to her living room soon. And look, even the cat is stoked! Laying on the bed all cozy.

I offer E-Design packages for $250 per room and when you add other rooms, the price begins to drop. So don’t be afraid to ask for design help from afar!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Wall Paint Ideas

Happy Monday blog lovers! I’m sorry last week I was a little MIA. Unfortunately most of my week consisted of lying in my bed staring at this:

Finally, my life is getting back to normal. Work has piled up but I haven’t forgotten about you guys!

I wanted to share some cool paint ideas today. I am working with a few clients right now and I am really inspired to play with paint and designs.

Check these out:

Ok let’s start off with this fabulous ombre wall paint. A-freaking-mazing. Click here for the full tutorial.

I’m really loving this idea to section off a space or create a zone and I love that the paint goes up the wall as well. I would even go as far as hanging some lighting or paper globe lanterns from that painted ceiling.

I love this wall art.  It combines my love for tree murals, the color grey and partial wall paint.

This is very cute isn’t it? Look how adorable she is just plugging away at her wall art.

This herringbone paint pattern is one that I do adore. I am trying to get a client of mine to paint this design in her bedroom nook in a coral color. Here is a sneak peak:

What do you think? Wouldn’t that be cool to look at in the evening? She’s afraid it will be a little busy which I totally understand but I think it would be an awesome pop in the space and you can always look at it as art.

And finally, this cool wall paint pattern. It’s a type of chevron? I don’t even know how to describe it but I L.O.V.E. it and I am really loving the color choices.

Before I leave, I want to share with you an image:

Thoughts that might enter your brain may include: “too much”, “crazy” or even “wild” but to me, she is PERFECT. This is easily my future. Her name is Iris Apfel and she is my hero.


Project Progress

Woowee! I’ve got a lot of great clients right now. I’m 75% done with one client who moved into an apartment and tried to bring in all his oversized furniture. I just wanted to show you the progress on the living room so far. With a mix of Feng Shui and design, we’ve made some big strides.

This was when I first showed up:

A few things to note:

  • his furniture was WAY oversized for the space
  • there really wasn’t a color palette or theme here
  • most of his furniture felt like it would be good in a cold climate environment with the darker colors and heavier style furniture

Here’s where we are today:

We decided that this place needed to be brightened up. Since it was so close to the beach, why not give it more of a casual and light, beachy vibe. The interesting thing is that he kept wanting to go back to those rocky mountain colors (forest green, orange, etc) so I thought we could stick with some of those but update the hues.

  • There is an accent wall with a beautiful sage color
  • The sofa which now allow the front door to fully open is a nice blend of casual, masculine and clean design
  • The ottomans are a vibrant rust color (hard to see with my iPhone pic but I will get you close ups once the project is finito)
  • We are still in the works of getting him a flat screen tv which will most probably be hung on the wall and get to the more decorative pieces like rugs, wall hangings and pillows.

So wanna know where these pieces came from? It rhymes with “Korea”. You got it! It’s IKEA!!!

  1. Ektorp Sofa
  2. Ekenas Footstool
  3. Boja Floor Lamp
  4. Hemnes Sofa Table
  5. Knipsa Basket

I’ll keep you posted with more progress soon.

Happy Wednesday!


World Market Cost Plus Favorites

So I have some big love for World Market lately. I’m especially loving their industrial style pieces and some bold colors. Check out a few of my faves at World Market.


  1. Emerson Shelf with step: $399.99
  2. 12 Slot Wall Cubby:  $103.99
  3. Metal & Wood Wall Unit: $79.99
  4. Jayden Wall Unit: $24.99
  5. Metal Tub Chair: $109.99
  6. 4 Shelf Tower: $219.99
  7. Kitchen Cart: $449.99
  8. Nesting Desk: $299.99
  9. Metal Shelf Units: $79.99


  1. Knitted Pouf: $79.99
  2. Desk: $169.99
  3. Crosby Sofa Frame and Nutmeg Slipcover: $400 + $299.99
  4. Damask Rug: $299.99
  5. Chunky Jute Rug: $199.99
  6. Ceramic Stool: $79.99
  7. Owl Lamp Base: $24.99
  8. Smocked Curtain: $26.99
  9. Studio Day Lounger and Slipcover:  $319.99 + $109.99
  10. Peacock Soap Dish: $6.99


There are a lot of goodies. These were just a few of my favorite things. Enjoy!