Home Invasion… the Aftermath

Hey all… Hope you’re liking the new site so far. There is still more to be done but we are getting there!

Today I wanted to share with you another set of “after” photos from a client and dear friend. I posted the progress of making tables here and painting the mural for the baby’s room here. Finally today I got some nice looking for reals “after shots.”

They already had a dining table in the dining room so I felt that behind the sofa was the perfect place to set up a work station.

This is where the bulk of the budget went to and the main changes happened. You can see how I made the desk here. The curtains prior were a satin beige and I changed them up with a linen fabric which lent a hand in continuing the beach cottage traditional yet casual look.

I really love the way the desk came out. It’s crazy that altogether that desk cost $70 with all the materials.


The project was mainly a diy scramble to fit the budget and it was fun.

Here is the art piece that I made. I LOVE old windows. I found this one at the local thrift store. The original idea was that I would have a mirror behind it and place it over the fireplace to let light bounce around the room. Soooo… the mirror thing… it didn’t work out. Cutting mirrors= not fun and a little scary.

Finally my little bambino’s room. Her little owl who watches over her at night.

Happy Thursday!


Beach Cottage

This post is pretty much a continuation from Life’s a Beach which I blogged about back in January. Here’s the deal folks. I think I am moving out of my current digs and in search of a new spot so as my hunt begins I am also able to sit back and reflect on what exactly I am looking for. One of my favorite styles is the beachy, seaside look. I have always dreamed about living in a beach cottage, even when I was living back in Florida. Who knows, maybe my dreams will come true soon.

So here we go. Beach Cottage inspiration:

Love the small, yet contained feeling of this cute cottage. I’d paint it blue though.

I love a front porch. I can see myself sipping on some tea, right there. Right there.

Precious. The fence is super cute.

This is a little more European seaside cottage, but loving the cobble stone pathway.

Alright, let’s move inside. Yea, I’ll take breakfast and newspaper in bed.


A little desk area. yup.

Cozy bed.

Pools of fabric. Lush!

I can’t even handle this image. It barely shows anything but I’m ready to live there. Right behind that ruffled curtain.

When my dining table looks like this, I’ll invite all of you over.

Kitschy kitchen. I’d take a pink retro refrigerator.


No need for much color. Inspired by the sand, I see.

Bathroom storage. I really need to invest in a loofa. It’s a shame.

jars are cool


And a little island flavor.

Alright, my heart is pounding and my skin is already looking tanner. Beach cottage, I hope we fall in love soon.