E-Design Client Photos

Hola hola blogosphere! I’m promising to be better at blogging from now on. The holidays just set me back a bit with work so I’ve been having to play catch up.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited to share some photos that me E-Design client sent me this week. So here’s what you need to know about her:

-she lives in New York

-looking to add some color and more finished design elements into her bedroom

-interested in a blend of eclectic and whimsical design

-she works in hospitals so is really unattracted to those pastel, “calming” colors

These are the before photos she sent me:



3She absolutely hated the lavender on the walls and I don’t blame her. The room just feels a bit cold and stark. Not really a place I would feel nested and cozy in on a cold winter night in New York.

I do love the older character of the space. The thick molding and baseboards showed me a lot of potential for fun design elements.

So after sending her a questionnaire and images of bedrooms that appealed to her, I ended up with 2 different options for her space:

BEDROOM GOLD VIEWS The gold bedroom was warm, inviting, colorful with bohemian touches.

BEDROOM PURPLE VIEWSThe purple room was a bit warmer and more sophisticated. Same ideas for bohemian touches and bold color but a bit earthier.

So she chose the purple option:


And here are the after photos she sent me:


1And here are the photos side by side:



I love when my clients are total rockstars. She pretty much got everything I suggested and I think it looks ridiculously awesome. I might need to move in with her for a bit. She is going to send me some photos during the day which I will post but I just wanted to show you guys how much just a bit of color and inspiration can change a whole space. I’m excited to move on to her living room soon. And look, even the cat is stoked! Laying on the bed all cozy.

I offer E-Design packages for $250 per room and when you add other rooms, the price begins to drop. So don’t be afraid to ask for design help from afar!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM



Happy Monday, cuties! Yea… Monday. It’s pretty routine for me to be thinking about my bed and all the incredible sleeping positions I can master at this time. Alas, it’s 7:30 am and I won’t be meeting her until later tonight. Ok let’s get back on track. I want to talk about bedding. There are a lot of cool products out there right now that I want to share. Check them out:

I love this textured pin tucked duvet from West Elm. I am even more obsessed with the color: light amethyst.

Anthropologie has this incredible bedding right now. It has a southwestern feel in a modern/abstract way. The color combinations are great and the it is made out of linen and cotton so you know it will be the comfiest of comfies.

The Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters is also a beaut. My favorite colors are the pink and peach.

Another Anthro find: The Rivulet bedding is another great textured and whimsical duvet option.

Pottery Barn carries a beautiful textured duvet called Hadley Ruched. It comes in blue and white. I like both. This blue is very beachy and casual so it’s my favorite of the 2.

Dwell Studio has a really chic duvet called Draper Stripe Ash.  I’m a fan of it.

And finalmente, the Stamped Scallop Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters. Simple graphic, bold statement.





Nap Time

Confession: I’m a big napper. I also am not a fan of chairs unless they are upholstered, low and have arms I can recline on. I’m all about comfort as I sit here in my sweats. (It’s a good look) I have a big dreams. For instance, when I own a home, I will create one bedroom dedicated for napping.

Here are some rooms, I would like to take a nap in right about now:

Lush. I like that you can pull the sheers together. The vaulted ceiling is sweet too.

Oh man, a mid summer outdoor nap… sign me up now.

This would be good for a lazy Sunday, reading-a-book-and-fall-asleep nap.

This is a great spot for napping- right by the windows. And you can cozy up and stay warm under all those blankets.

Great bed. I love these new textured duvets. Super snuggly.

A place where multiple people can nap? Yes…. but I’m pretty sure they created this for a movie viewing room.

Oh, the tropical vacation nap.

And finally, the beach house nap. All neutrals, clean, smelling fresh and crisp.

Did I make you sleepy or what?





Floor Seating

I’m a big fan of floor seating. It’s very Moroccan influenced. It feels casual. Although, I don’t think my mom would be too happy about coming to my house and having to sit on the floor. She’ll have to understand. Check out some awesome floor seating/cushions:

A little floor seating nook for tea time.

Another plush nook.



It’s a floor sofa.

I’m a big fan of this one.

Some outdoor floor seating options

Another sofa has lost its legs

Getting cozy by the fireplace.


Stacked aside.


This is like a dream!

Doesn’t floor seating just make a space more homey?!