Navy & Gold

A new favorite color combo: Navy and Gold. Something about it feels regal, sometime nautical, dramatic and elegant.

It’s a navy sandwich! I love navy walls. It is so close to black but it’s not quite there. It’s a nice play with the edge. 

White seems to be a nice neutral in this combination. 

I love those light fixtures!!! And even the navy against the black chalkboard looks really nice.

It’s interesting because I never think to paint a piece of furniture navy but there’s a first time for everything.

Navy and gold dining rooms.
Navy and gold accessories.





Pink & Orange

Let me just state, I am not your typical pink gal. I’m a big fan of all other colors, BUT something about the color combo orange and pink makes me feel good! Granted it reminds me of Spring and it’s currently Fall, but it’s more than that. It’s a spicy color combo, it’s energetic, it’s bold, it’s fresh. Let me show you what I mean:

I think this color combo works perfectly for a baby’s room because you can really mute out the boldness by using it sparingly. I love these colors against the pale neutrals.

Wow, this house. Hello?! Yes, thank you! Look at those splashes of hot pink and orange. It’s the perfect amount. It’s like when a chef makes a perfect batch of cookies and kisses his fingers, “magnific!” That’s how this makes me feel.

As you can see, I believe the inspiration of these colors come from a Moroccan influence. Look how it translates.

And just a few accents…





Spark my Fire

Okayyyy. Fireplaces. What a luxury to have in a home right?! Well it’s interesting coming from Miami because in my house growing up with have a fireplace but we probably used it 3 times in my whole life for roasting marshmallows :)

So now living on the west coast, fireplaces have more of a function use for me. Now, how to decorate fireplaces? Here are some ideas:

First off, I love this color. It’s like a taupey-grey. Secondly, this is a great idea to showcase some earthy pottery. I recognize this isn’t for everyone but I’m into it.

Chachkie heaven!

Nice coastal beach look. Keeping all the accessories white and light keeps it fresh.

For a more dramatic look, paint the walls dark and keep the fireplace white.

Got frames?

Another crisp looking fireplaces by keeping things light.

Same idea. I like the light grey walls.

I especially like this because the paint on the brick looks aged and I always love the idea of collecting mirrors.

Don’t have a proper fireplace? Make one! Get a salvaged mantel and voila!

By putting in a little extra work with molding and mirrors this gives the space a really great architectural feature.

This is a good fall fireplace look.

I love the storage beside the fireplace creating more of a fireplace wall.

I love how the windows give the space so much light. Another way to decorate the fireplace is using one key piece of art and I’m liking this one!

Rojo! The reason I like red or shades of red for a fireplace is because it just reinstates the fire element.

Oooo and I like this one a lot! Just a few pieces of painted old wood and some dope stones. And check out that mantel!!!

Happy Friday folks!!