Client Overhaul: Physical Therapy Office

Good evening blog world! Tonight I wanted to share some updates on a physical therapy office I got the honor of offering my design services to. They are Dewitt PT based out of Santa Cruz. Not only were they my clients, but I got the chance to be theirs as well. I have been dealing with a back injury for a long time this last year and they helped me tremendously to rebuild my strength and heal. This is a big deal since yoga is a big part of my life personally and professionally.

They moved from a smaller location and expanded to a larger space in Santa Cruz. Here are some bare bones before pictures:




Fuzzy blur of the head honchos!

Here are some after shots:


Hello color!!


I love that pocket of orange to the right. That nook was a perfect opportunity to add some more color and a workspace.


A close up!


I wish I had the before picture of this bathroom. It was pretty horrendous.

Anyways, these are just some random shots I got on my last visit. I will post more professional, detailed photos as soon as it is all complete.

Yay for Mondays!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Remote Client

So excited to be able to share some beautiful after photos of a remote client from New York she just sent me.

This is her fantastic bedroom:


And her lovely living room:


Just as a reminder these were her before shots:


and living room:


Quite the difference, hey? I will dump some more photos soon. I just wanted to share my excitement.

If you forgot the journey, you can click here and here.

So grateful for this life.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Gates! Gates! Gates!

Ahh yes. The gates are here. I mentioned in Major Catch Up Time that the gates I designed over 3 years ago when I worked at Arteak were finally put into place. They are made out of metal and were created in Bali where most of the furniture from the store comes from. This has been a project that I have so excited about for years and never really knew when I would be able to share my excitement with people so the fact that they are finally up is beyond words for me. Last night I went to a restaurant right next door to Arteak and I snapped some close ups of the gates.

I use a 3D modeling for most of my design projects. These were the final designs I made a couple of years ago:

Then I superimposed the designs onto an image we took of the store front:

Here are the close ups I took last night:

Crazy , ey?


Ceiling Paint Ideas

Since I’m on this paint train, I might as well go up towards the ceiling. Check out some awesome ceiling paint ideas:

I like the idea of taking an accent wall and follow it up the wall. It has a more visual presence.

I am loving these thick striped ceilings in a more neutral color.

I think this is a very romantic room. I like the idea of the walls being clean and white and the ceiling being a huge pop of color.

Why not take the herringbone pattern up the ceiling?!

Big fan of the navy color and I love the fact that it starts 3/4s of the way up to create a cozier space.

Another striped ceiling idea except these are bolder and brighter. I love it!!!

What do you think guys?