Back to School Essentials

Whether you are going back to school or not, I kinda am obsessed with this time of year. People get back into their focus phase. I love it. I love that I live in a town with a big university and I sense the energy completely shift as school goes back into session. Young kiddos excited to start a new year, the coffee shops fill up and there is more going on. Am I weird or what?

Anyways, although I am not starting school, I still love the whole idea or getting organized for the new “school year.” Yes I am, said the dork. So here’s a little Back to School Essentials guide:

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 3.38.47 PM

Ok, here’s the breakdown:

1. A chalkboard/ hook/ shelf combo?! I’m sold! (source)

2. I have these sort of bookend geodes. They are pretty dope. (source)

3. I love this rattan waste bin. The natural feel combined with this “dipped” look gots me all hooked. (source)

4. Got a Mac? Yea, who doesn’t. Let’s spice it up. Keyboard decals are fun. I loved this gradient look. (source)

5. So you should all know this. I’m a journal addict. Whether it’s jotting down a few things or a to-do list or even a yoga class sequence, journals are my jam and so is this beaut! (source)

6. A geometric mousey pad. Love it! (source)

7. This laptop cover looks like the texture I pretty much put in all my paintings. (source)

8. Throw in a little rustic tray set with a splash of yellow? No big (source)

9. I guess this lamp base also reminds me of my paintings. I love combining this tealish/turquoise with brown. Great blending! (source)

10. Let’s hoot and holler for this cute owl pen holder (source) HOOTY HOOT!

11. And I couldn’t leave you without this adorable welded letter holder. (source)


Alright my kiddos. Love ya to pieces. Let’s get our back to school vibe on!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Affordable Pillows

So back to my love shack corner. I wanted to share some of the pillows I bought that were quite affordable and make my love corner super inviting.

I ended up buying 5 new pillows. Here’s the breakdown:

This is the Ikea Lappljung pillow cover for $5.00 and I bought the pillow for $2.99. So we’ve got $8.00 there.

This is the Urban Outfitters Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow which is originally $34.00 but at the store they had a sale and I got it for $25.00.

The rest were Ross scores. I got this India pillow for $8.00 and the 2 brown velvet pillows for $12.00 (they cam in a pack). The Ross stop cost me $20.00 for pillows.

The two white canvas pillows are ones that I made myself years ago and the bench was the update I made last week.

So we’ve got a total of $53.00 for 5 pillows! Not bad. Seeing as I still had leftover from the dresser I sold a few weeks ago, these were easy purchases for me.

I’ve also got a fun project in the works for a big hunky desk.

Remember when I made this desk for a client/friend?

Well, I was inspired to do this exact thing for myself. I have this beautiful desk that I refurbished years ago but I need a lot more desk space to work and craft.

Keep posted for that new desk. I should have it up in the next few days.

It’s all coming together and it feels so goooood.


World Market Cost Plus Favorites

So I have some big love for World Market lately. I’m especially loving their industrial style pieces and some bold colors. Check out a few of my faves at World Market.


  1. Emerson Shelf with step: $399.99
  2. 12 Slot Wall Cubby:  $103.99
  3. Metal & Wood Wall Unit: $79.99
  4. Jayden Wall Unit: $24.99
  5. Metal Tub Chair: $109.99
  6. 4 Shelf Tower: $219.99
  7. Kitchen Cart: $449.99
  8. Nesting Desk: $299.99
  9. Metal Shelf Units: $79.99


  1. Knitted Pouf: $79.99
  2. Desk: $169.99
  3. Crosby Sofa Frame and Nutmeg Slipcover: $400 + $299.99
  4. Damask Rug: $299.99
  5. Chunky Jute Rug: $199.99
  6. Ceramic Stool: $79.99
  7. Owl Lamp Base: $24.99
  8. Smocked Curtain: $26.99
  9. Studio Day Lounger and Slipcover:  $319.99 + $109.99
  10. Peacock Soap Dish: $6.99


There are a lot of goodies. These were just a few of my favorite things. Enjoy!



Home Invasion… the Aftermath

Hey all… Hope you’re liking the new site so far. There is still more to be done but we are getting there!

Today I wanted to share with you another set of “after” photos from a client and dear friend. I posted the progress of making tables here and painting the mural for the baby’s room here. Finally today I got some nice looking for reals “after shots.”

They already had a dining table in the dining room so I felt that behind the sofa was the perfect place to set up a work station.

This is where the bulk of the budget went to and the main changes happened. You can see how I made the desk here. The curtains prior were a satin beige and I changed them up with a linen fabric which lent a hand in continuing the beach cottage traditional yet casual look.

I really love the way the desk came out. It’s crazy that altogether that desk cost $70 with all the materials.


The project was mainly a diy scramble to fit the budget and it was fun.

Here is the art piece that I made. I LOVE old windows. I found this one at the local thrift store. The original idea was that I would have a mirror behind it and place it over the fireplace to let light bounce around the room. Soooo… the mirror thing… it didn’t work out. Cutting mirrors= not fun and a little scary.

Finally my little bambino’s room. Her little owl who watches over her at night.

Happy Thursday!