Recycled Products for Holiday Gifts

Yesterday I posted gift ideas that are Eco-friendly but today I will take it a step further and show some gifts that are made out of recycled materials or given a new life.

1. Heart Pierced Spoon Ring: $34

2. Recycled Bike Chain Art: $25

3. Recycled Journal: $19

4. Coffee Sack Laptop Bag: $65

5. Coffee Sack Cushion Cover: $72

6. Recycled Leather Bracelet: $20

7. Patron Soap Lotion Dispenser: $20

8. Recycled Cotton Lunch Bag: $14

9. Recycled 6 pack Carrier: $12

10. Recycled Wool Felt Mittens: $27


Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

We’re getting to the final days before the holidays. Today I want to share some Eco-friendly gift ideas:

1. Organic Body Gifts-Vegan-Rosemary Mint: $29.99

2. Mint Tea Natural Organic Soap Bar: $6.50

3. Snapping Paper Towel Set: $52

4. Herbal Lip Balm: $20

5. Engraved Cork Coasters: $10

6. Reusable Bowl Covers: $30

7. Eco Small Bag: $15

8. Large Cloth Napkins: $13.50

9. Eco-home Wall Clock: $38

10. Eco Lunch Sack: $22


And We’re Back!

Appologies are in order! I haven’t blogged in close to a week. Yikes. With the short notice for the race on Sunday, my life quickly was taken over trying to get things done in time.

The race was amazing. Just as I expected, women from all walks of life came down to support one another. (If you’re just tuning into my blog, I did a craft show at a race called She.Is.Beautiful that is geared towards women.) Everywhere I looked, pink was in my face. It was awesome. Pink hair, pink tutus, pink boas, pink tights. These ladies were not messing around. Thankfully we had a break in the rain by the time the race begun. Although we definitely got our fair share of rain while setting up at 6:30am. You know what I realized on the way over to the race? That one of my new years resolutions was to catch more sunrises and here I was catching a beautiful sunrise on the beach, nonetheless. Stoked!

Craft booth on the beach?! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting.

I made the paper flags across the table the night before. I used paper bags for the flags and newspaper cutouts for the letters. Could have definitely been bigger, but it was super quick and got the job done.

A little snapshot with the bags and baby clothes

It was perfect. I had a little bit of everything for people to get a taste of what I’m all about.

The vender’s booths surrounded the main tent where the ladies came to get their numbers and reconvene. It was such a perfect view for to see all the excitement.

This girl on the right deserves friend award of the year. She got up with me at 5:30 in the morning, helped me setup in the pouring rain, stuck around to help me sell and broke down with me 5 hours later without complaining and all from the goodness of her heart! That’s a damn good friend.

While the race was going on, we figured we could get some good modeling time as the sun broke through. Here I am modeling one of my scarves.

And with my tangerine reusable bag… cute whale :)

I love Mr. Roboto.

Mr. Roboto also comes in pink.

It was such a fun day and I am so grateful that I was a part of it all. All my items are now posted on Etsy and if you live in Santa Cruz, just message me so you can avoid shipping cost.





Willow Ship

I have not been this inspired in a long time! I am so impressed by Willow Ship, a Bay Area “one- woman show” home linen shop. The mixture of the graphics, color, and texture is what gets me inspired to paint and how I try to express myself artistically. ┬áIt’s one of the best feelings when you see another artist just GET IT. So here are a few of my favorite pieces and for the rest check out her Etsy account. Yay for local designers. Support them!