DIY Desk & Frames

Hello!! I’m a machine I’ve come to realize. I only have a one track mind when I have a project going on and I don’t stop until it’s done. Not a bad thing for productivity but maybe a little crazy. I’m fine with that. Aren’t all artists a little crazy?

Ok my desk:

I got these legs from Ikea- $10 a piece.

I then went to home depot and purchased a 4′ by 8′ pine plywood with a 3/4″ thickness and oh my my I got a lot out of it.

I have a ton of scrap wood that I have big plans for in the near future but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

1.  I got a 30″ x 50″ cut for my desk.

2. I sanded down the edges.

3. I used this polyshade tint and poly in one. Loved the idea, the stain sucked.

4. As you can see, the original stain and poly was less then to be desired so I went back to the local hardware store and got some “dark walnut” stain.

5. You see the difference?

6. I used a sponge brush and created different strokes to create a more rustic look.

Believe it or not, I attached the legs to the table top with velcro. I know! Well, I was in Ikea and I was asking one of the employees there how to attach the legs and she said that there are non-slip tabs on top of the legs but most people use double stick tape or velcro and I happened to have velcro so I did it. We’ll see how that holds up. When I made the desk for my last client, I went to the hardware store and somehow found some flexible brackets to mold around the frame but it still wasn’t super sturdy. Trial and error, I’m all about it.

I was quite eager to get my corner all straightened up so I can sit and start work in a fully functional space. I went to the thrift store and picked up 4 frames (one of those is going to be used for another project) and a book (for my book page wall-coming soon) for $14. What a score.

I removed all the pictures/art and glass. I always feel bad when I go to the store and get second hand frames and there are family pictures and diplomas in there. I  should start a scrapbook of it…. No wait, that’s a bad idea.

Check out #3. That is the front of the frame, but you will see I like the back a lot better.

I then painted everything the same color that I mixed for my dresser.

Then I sanded the corners to look shabbier and I sprayed this Krylon product which I have been using for all my painted furniture/crafts lately. The lady at the store told me this one in particular is good for having a mix of media- different kinds of paint (indoor, outdoor, etc.)

I then used some scrap fabric and stapled them to the back of the frame.

This is a closer view. I love the way the wooden frame came out. I really did nothing except use the backside but it was so much more appealing than the front. I stapled organic linen to the back and then used double stick tape to adhere my business license that I am oh so proud of.

And lets not forget about my lovely birdcage!! Now, it actually stands out on my desk. I used a dry brush technique to get the vintage look and I love it. Buddha is super happy not just because he gets a fly feather headband to wear but because he has a cool neighbor now too.


Still a few more things to do. For instance:

I want to get this rolling cart or something similar for all my crafts and  I’m sure I will find something else to add to this corner but I’m excited about my awesome desk!

Happiest Wednesday!


Updated Bench

Hey all! So today I want to share with you my new and improved bench. This would be the second time I refurbished it. This was it originally:

I wish I had the original photo of the bench. It was the ugliest stain on wood and the fabric was less then pleasing. I redid it blue about 4 years ago and I really do love it but I was ready for a change. So the SW corner of my room in Feng Shui is technically “intimate relations” which means love. The fire element is used in this corner to enhance “intimate relations” so I knew blue wouldn’t work. For one thing, blue resembles the water element thus diminishing the fire in this corner. So I needed to add some pizazz!

Step 1: remove the upholstered top which was attached with screws

Step 2: 2 coats of leftover reddish/rust paint (this paint was very watered down and it didn’t bother me because I just wanted a little bit of red to peak through when I distressed it).

Step 3: Paint everything a solid sage color (same paint I mixed in for the distressed dresser)

Step 4: Sand. Sand and sand some more. The red barely peaked through but I was ok with it. The original blue was so pretty that I didn’t mind it being the second prominent color.

Step 4.5: Spray a coat of satin finish so the paint doesn’t peel any further.

Step 5: Because I actually upholstered the bench twice in the same fabric (because I had a few stains on it), I decided to just take off one layer and put it away if I ever wanted to reuse it (I actually am liking the white side more now).

Step 6: I was inspired by this awesome dress I had. I have a thousand and one dresses so I figured I could spare one for the cool fabric.

Step 6: To add even more love to my love corner, I added 2 hearts made of an organic linen and hand stitched it. (I did this before stapling the fabric onto the pad).

Step 7: screw the pad back on the bench.

This was a close up to show the blue and red peaking through.

And here I am just playing with different ideas for a backrest.

The funny thing is that it has actually become more of a computer stand for me while I blog and work from home and I need a break from my desk and chair.

I love being able to move around my room and have different spaces I can work!

For my next post, I will share where I got some super affordable pillows! Hint: Ross, Urban Outfitters and Ikea were a big factor ;)

Happy Friday!


Painted Fabric Inspiration

I’ve been seeing a lot of painted fabric lately that has got me really inspired:

I blogged about this in my Chevron almost a year ago and it still inspires me today. For the life of my I can’t find the source. I know it comes from one of my favorite design blogs, Design Sponge but can’t find the actual post.

These chairs were painted and now have a very different look. I do love these chairs, but my one concern is what the fabric feels like after it is fully painted. I know they say this chair has a more vinyl feel which makes cleaning it so easy.

These are very cool stenciled chairs. I love the color and how it makes a plain white chair look so much funkier with a graphic pattern. It’s super easy too.

Very cool curtains from Apartment Therapy. This is probably one of my favorite graphics for a curtain I’ve seen in a while.

This is so simple and easy and I can’t wait to try it on a few pillows and even some new batch of scarves I’ve got brewing.

And finalmente, this adorable pillow from Design Mom.

So, I’m seeing a lot of DIYing in my near future.


Headboard Inspiration

I feel like I am constantly talking about headboards here. I just think they are such important elements to a great bedroom and they don’t have to be elaborate or pricey. A headboard can be thrown together with some fabric or wood, it can be painted right on the wall or it can just be a piece of art that acts as a headboard.

Check out some headboard ideas here:

This headboard is a master DIY project. I’m pretty sure she made it from a striped fabric and turned it into a chevron gem.

How much easier can this get? A painted zone for the bed. Done.

Ok this one might be lavish and elaborate but I am trying to show you how you can get creative with some decorative painting and mirrors. I love how the painting mirrors the edges of the mirror.

Wallpaper can act as a headboard in a bedroom.

I always thought this was made out of wallpaper as well, but no, it’s fabric! Check out the DIY here.

Simple and super easy painted headboard frame. Does the job right, wouldn’t you say?

Awesome painted graphic and cute flippin dog.

Yea, this is amazing. A large piece of carved wood. You can act as my headboard any day.

A headboard decal… Happiness. She looks pretty happy.

This is probably one of my favorite headboard ideas. Might take a little more work but a pretty simple job.