Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Cool Dad

Let’s get real. Not every dad is super cool. Like my dad doesn’t understand why I would refurbish a piece of furniture to look antique. He’s like, “why does it look old?” So that’s my dad. I’m sure some of you can relate. But this post is not for those kinds of dads. This post is for the uber cool dads. Like the young dads that wear tighter jeans and ride their bikes to work. Have I put you in a box yet? Ok, get ready. Father’s Day gifts:

Since, the cool dad is riding to work, he’s going to have to have a cool U-lock holder and this one is made out of leather. I actually would like this one for myself.

Although cool dad usually keeps his beard going or better yet mustache waxed, on the occasion he wants to shave and when he does, you better have this Eco Friendly Shaving Kit ready for him.

Cool dad needs a bamboo iPhone case even if he claims that he barely knows how to use his iPhone and he was forced into buying it.

Mustache leather flask and whiskey stones. Check out how cool these things are. They keep your drink cool without diluting the alcohol like regular ice cubes do. Cool dad will love that.

Cool dad reads a lot so when he has to put the book down, make sure he doesn’t lose his spot by getting him this engraved & antique copper bookmark.

Cool dads are covered.





Holiday Gift Guide: For ze Mans

Today is part 2 of Holiday Gift Guide, the gender special. (I just made that up.) Today, we shop for ze mans!

So dapper.  money clip

And if he doesn’t like money clips. wallet

 Fool proof. laptop sleeve

Lurve. decal

You’re stinky.  soap

Manly bracelet!  leather bracelet 

Don’t shave the scruff but if you must, use this.   shaving kit

Jot jot jot.  journal

Stay warm. Stay fresh.  scarf

This ones my favorite but he better have a good sense of humor! mug

And that concludes my two day Holiday Gift Guide for ze lady and ze man. Hope you enjoyed





Holiday Gift Guide: For ze Ladies

A few days ago, I posted a Holiday Gift Guide.  People seemed pretty interested in that so I decided to get a little more detailed on a 2 day post. Today is for ze ladies and tomorrow will be for ze mans.

This handmade ring is beautiful. Big fan of the wire wrapping.  cocktail ring

These are beautiful as well. Same handmade look.  teardrops

 I like it. leather bands 

How charming  headphone charm

Cozy oatmeal cowl

Such a hoot owl bag

Keep em moisturized! lip balm

For my yoga girls  yoga bag

I love robots.  robot journal

I love you.  brass ring