Mint Green

A few words come to mind when I think of mint green: refreshing, light, energized, beachy, cottage, crisp… It’s a great color for spring and summer. Check out some very cool minty inspired spaces:

This coastal cottage got it right with the mint cabinets.

This baby room is splashed in mint green.

Another great mint green kitchen.

Soothing mint green chairs.

A minty crafty corner.

Heaven in the form of a minty cabinet.

Heaven in the form of a minty chair.

What colors inspire you for summer?





Put a Cork in it

Drink up! It’s time to start saving your corks.

Cork is an amazing sustainable material which is biodegradable and renewable. Instead of chopping down trees, cork is harvested by peeling the outer layer of the tree. Check out some dope cork projects:

Cork Welcome Mat

DIY cork stamps

Wedding ideas

Ok this one scares me because it could easily be mistaken for a rando cork and who knows if someone will chuck it or even try and use it for one of these projects!


Another beautiful window display from Anthropologie.

I can’t tell what is surrounding the cork but I like the raw look.

This is quite precious.

Monogram it.

Serve it.

Bath mat. I bet it feels nice on the bare feet.

Bird house.

Pin it.

Another cute wedding idea.

Another great bath mat.

And of course, cork tiles.