Reusable Bags

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Over the last few days I have been nonstop working on items for craft season. I just finished a batch of reusable bags. I love these bags because you can use them for holding your fresh items from farmers markets, shopping at the grocery store or even day to day life. Last season I made a ton and I only have a few left. You can check out the leftovers on my Etsy page.

Here are my new ones and note that I have yet to iron them so they will be a lot crisper. I just wanted to share my new goodies:

La bicyclette. Just a simple bicycle design for all your bike lovers. I think I know a few in Santa Cruz ;)

Señor Owl lurking over his branch.

The one above and the one below are both inspired by the beach and sunset. There is a gradient effect from turquoise to gold and then a scallop design to create movement in the bag.

Applique lotus flower made of all organic scraps. These one took forever!!

A big ol’ heart made of faux leather.

Sun peeking through hills of scallops!

My geometric set which again has the gradient effect from turquoise to gold with a silver scallop design.

Another geometric bag with the gradient effect and scallop design.

Gotta love dem hearts. One can never get too much love.

And there you have it! 10 new bags made with love just for you!


{me}longings studio

Happy Wednesday blog lovers. I can taste the weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing ecofriendly textile studio that has blown me away called {me}longings studio. Check out a few of my favorite items from her shop:

A few reasons why I love this shop:

  1. Ecofriendly
  2. Handprinted
  3. Handmade with love
  4. One of a kind pieces
  5. Absolutely gorgeous

 I am so inspired by the metallic colors against the organic linens. Check out her shop on Etsy or her website. It is definitely worth it! I am always trying to support our Etsy shoppers and you should too!


Inventory So Far

So far, so good. I’ve been plugging away with all my craftiness for the race. Here’s my inventory thus far:

Tissue pom poms. Fun to hang around the house. Colors: blue, green, beige, pink and white (2 of each color)

Scarves and cuffs handmade out of recycled materials.

Pink reusable canvas totes. Handstitched applique and fabric painted.

Tangerine reusable canvas totes. Handstitched applique and stamped.

Framed art made of refurbished frames. Varying sizes.

Baby T’s for 24 months. Handstitched appliqué and fabric painted & stamped.

Precious baby onuses. 24 months. Handstitched appliqué and fabric painted & stamped.

Wowsa! It’s been quite a few long days but all very well worth it. The countdown begins. 11 days until the race!

PS- I am not listing anything on Esty until after the race.





Here Goes Nothing…

A friend of mine is putting on her second annual race called She Is Beautiful on March 25th in Santa Cruz. She asked me if I wanted to have a booth there with all my crafts. My first thought: Hell ya! My second thought: Oh snap, it’s in a few weeks. Well, today I finally confirmed with her that I would do it. I’m insane because I have sold all of my remaining crafts so I am going to have to start at square one. It’s overwhelming but exciting because I have been looking forward to trying new crafty things. So the next 2 weeks, you are going to see a lot of craft themed posts. Here goes nothing!

I decided I wanted to have more accessories in this craft booth because I don’t think people are going to be finishing a race and wanting to lug around furniture to their cars. I started with an infinity scarf.

I decided my first attempt would be a trial run but it turned out great. So first I got an old jersey knit top that I never wear but I love the material because it’s comfortable and stretchy.

Next, I cut up the shirt a little over a foot (12 inches) wide and later cleaned up the edges.

Then I cut slits in the fabric… you will see- there is a method to this madness.

I took a piece of an old bag made out of faux leather (kinda stretchy which was easier to work with)

I rolled the edges in and sewed it tight (think burrito when you are rolling the leather around the jersey knit)

I wrapped the leather on two ends. Here you can only see one though.

Voila. Can be worn long.

Or without showing the leather at all- hidden behind the neck.

Or my favorite: double wrapped showing the leather pieces.

I also made a bracelet out of the same materials. A mini infinity cuff.

I like.

Next up, I wanted to make some handmade tags. I have a ton of these paper bags from the grocery store because I often forget my reusable bag at home :( … What’s the secret?! I bring my bags and once I bring my groceries in the house, I forget to take the bags back in the car with me. I have to work on that. But hey, now I have a ton of bags to reuse as my tags… score!

I love my letter stamps.

And done: Handmade by SND (sweet nectar designs)