Headboard Inspiration

I feel like I am constantly talking about headboards here. I just think they are such important elements to a great bedroom and they don’t have to be elaborate or pricey. A headboard can be thrown together with some fabric or wood, it can be painted right on the wall or it can just be a piece of art that acts as a headboard.

Check out some headboard ideas here:

This headboard is a master DIY project. I’m pretty sure she made it from a striped fabric and turned it into a chevron gem.

How much easier can this get? A painted zone for the bed. Done.

Ok this one might be lavish and elaborate but I am trying to show you how you can get creative with some decorative painting and mirrors. I love how the painting mirrors the edges of the mirror.

Wallpaper can act as a headboard in a bedroom.

I always thought this was made out of wallpaper as well, but no, it’s fabric! Check out the DIY here.

Simple and super easy painted headboard frame. Does the job right, wouldn’t you say?

Awesome painted graphic and cute flippin dog.

Yea, this is amazing. A large piece of carved wood. You can act as my headboard any day.

A headboard decal… Happiness. She looks pretty happy.

This is probably one of my favorite headboard ideas. Might take a little more work but a pretty simple job.





Tufted Headboards

Happy Monday, love bugs! It’s a bit rainy this morning but perfect weather to blog :)

Today, I want to share my love of tufted headboards. Remember back when I created my own? That was fun.

I love everything about tufted headboards. I think upholstered headboards are the key to a comfortable bed but the tufting just puts the cherry on top.

Here are a few tufted headboards that I love. Some are DIYs so make sure to click on the links to see them:

I’ve had this image saved for a while now. I love the powder blue color and the deep tufts in the headboard. It makes it look very plush and comfy.

This is a great DIY headboard. Great color, great fabric, great job.

This is one of my ultimate headboards. This image actually inspired my own headboard. I am in love with the color which I would call Mauve or dusty pink and of course, you can never go wrong with velvet. This was an older Urban Outfitters piece.

This is another great DIY headboard from the little green notebook- great blog as well.

How pretty and smart is that?! This was originally just a wooden headboard which then got reworked into an upholstered one. They did such a great job. I love it.

And another really beautiful deep royal blue headboard. Very hollywood glam.

Most of these headboards are so simple. It just takes a bit of leg work and patience but it is totally doable. Plus you get to customize your own piece which is the amazing part of DIYs.

Stay dry and thanks for stopping by!





Old Doors

Just like old windows, doors can have many different functions other than their obvious prime function. Old doors can be so beautiful. They can be morphed into something different like a table or a headboard or they can be placed in a nice vignette in an area of the room and just sit pretty. Check it:

Are you inspired yet?!