Recycled Products for Holiday Gifts

Yesterday I posted gift ideas that are Eco-friendly but today I will take it a step further and show some gifts that are made out of recycled materials or given a new life.

1. Heart Pierced Spoon Ring: $34

2. Recycled Bike Chain Art: $25

3. Recycled Journal: $19

4. Coffee Sack Laptop Bag: $65

5. Coffee Sack Cushion Cover: $72

6. Recycled Leather Bracelet: $20

7. Patron Soap Lotion Dispenser: $20

8. Recycled Cotton Lunch Bag: $14

9. Recycled 6 pack Carrier: $12

10. Recycled Wool Felt Mittens: $27


Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

We’re getting to the final days before the holidays. Today I want to share some Eco-friendly gift ideas:

1. Organic Body Gifts-Vegan-Rosemary Mint: $29.99

2. Mint Tea Natural Organic Soap Bar: $6.50

3. Snapping Paper Towel Set: $52

4. Herbal Lip Balm: $20

5. Engraved Cork Coasters: $10

6. Reusable Bowl Covers: $30

7. Eco Small Bag: $15

8. Large Cloth Napkins: $13.50

9. Eco-home Wall Clock: $38

10. Eco Lunch Sack: $22


Gift Guide for the Big Hearted <3

I’m a big fan of heart designs lately and I think it’s safe to say that there are others out there like me as well. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide for the Big Hearted.

1. Heart Stud Earrings: $25

2. Heart Leggings: $26.50

3. Elephant and Heart Iphone Case: $13.99

4. Black Heart Art: $150

5. Heart Pillow Cover: $32

6. Knitted Heart Headband: $28

7. Heart Gloves: $30

8. Tiny Heart Rubber Stamp: $2.50

9. Heart Nose Ring: $10.95

10. Tan Leather Heart Keychain: $15

11. Heart Letterpress Thank You Card: $12


Holiday Gift Guide: For ze Ladies

A few days ago, I posted a Holiday Gift Guide.  People seemed pretty interested in that so I decided to get a little more detailed on a 2 day post. Today is for ze ladies and tomorrow will be for ze mans.

This handmade ring is beautiful. Big fan of the wire wrapping.  cocktail ring

These are beautiful as well. Same handmade look.  teardrops

 I like it. leather bands 

How charming  headphone charm

Cozy oatmeal cowl

Such a hoot owl bag

Keep em moisturized! lip balm

For my yoga girls  yoga bag

I love robots.  robot journal

I love you.  brass ring