Happy Friday folks! Oh what a beautiful week it has been. My brother had a beautiful baby girl and I am beyond thrilled. Why is it that little babies give us such a boost of energy?!

Anyways, I’ll run with it. This afternoon, I want to share a few Save vs. Splurge items:


So we’ve all seen this pintucked duvet. West Elm is going for it at $119 (made of organic cotton 230 thread count) and Target is selling it for $69.99 (215 thread count). So, my question to you is, SAVE or SPLURGE?


Ok, modular sofa-ing. It’s all the rage these days. We’ve got CB2 (which is a more modern version of Crate and Barrel) selling this particular version for close to $2000 and Ikea going for $779. I have used this Ikea model for a few clients with very happy results. So question…. SAVE or SPLURGE?


C tables rock because you can use them for laptops or any surface area and not use a lot of floor space for it. They are meant to tuck under your sofa. They are da bomb. Ok, so CB2 is selling their guy for $129 and World Market is going for $69.99 (currently on sale).


And finally, I’ve been checking out this beautiful rug around different shops. West Elm is selling their 5×8 rug for $499 (made of wool) while World Market is selling the similar version for $224.99 (currently on sale and made of shag rug). So you gonna SAVE or you gonna SPLURGE? That is the question.

Ok! Enough questions. I love you all. Enjoy your Friday!

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Expedit Ikea

So in personal news, I will be moving once again into a new spot in June. Although the idea of moving just 9 months after I moved in feels a bit daunting, the excitement of going into a new space and making it my own all over again far surpasses anything else. The reason I am posting today about Ikea’s Expedit is because I own one myself and have been looking at different ideas on how to make it a stand out piece, not just an “Ikea piece.”

So this is the Expedit piece:expedit-shelving-unit__0092718_PE229441_S4

It comes in many different styles. This is a 4 by 4 because it has 4 rows length and width wise. I personally have the 2 by 4 which is fun because you can have it on it’s side or nice and tall.

Here are some fun ideas for making this piece a stand out one:


Islands are a gift in any home especially if they live on casters because you can move it around. These guys did a great job. The color is rad and the wood they used makes this piece look way more solid and upscale. So if you have a kitchen that could use that extra bit of storage and prep space, look no further.  (source)

f66bd2e6d20cd1008029aee6d4302c1cOk, yea I could pretty much marry whoever made this. Way to take a sometimes cheap looking piece and turn it into an expensive and functional piece. What else can I say? I know a lot of labor went into it and they deserve all the credit. Oh and mounting it on the wall was brilliant.  (source)

b30e7abbfb8c587029b4ea88d3c764b8Nothing special was really done to this. Even those baskets are Ikea but I like the way they decorated it. It has that beachy/ shabby chic theme and they did it so right.  (source)

539080bdb92595e911429b7dc2c8a938Although I would do something else with the doors, I mainly wanted to share how useful these pieces could be for wall dividers. These guys made the piece look built-in but it is also possible to have it free standing and still look intentional and functional.  (source)

5650af1db581fe01ca8aaf566ce0583aYea, this is another one that nearly made me cry. It’s a pretty simple thing to add some 2 by 4s to a piece of furniture and look at what a difference it makes in the space! (source)

846a30de60e2c16f8098011ad7d87ed0Ok, this one will go in the books as my all time favorite. You clearly need to know someone who can do this etch work or hire them out but how beautiful is it? (source)


This was another simple update. Paint the insides of the bookcase to get your desired look. You can paint them all the same or get more creative with it. (source)


And finally, an entry way solution. Throw a few baskets and a cushion in and it’s the perfect hallway piece. (source)

I find myself spending a lot of time convincing clients that Ikea does not have to look cheap. That is always their main concern and I totally understand it. My point is that if you are on a budget and want something new, Ikea can be a very great solution. Find pieces that are functional and work with it to make it perfect for YOU!

Lastly, I just wanted to share that my business cards came in and I LOVE them. I got the recycled paper and I adore the way they feel and look.

photo-4 copy

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DIY Desk & Frames

Hello!! I’m a machine I’ve come to realize. I only have a one track mind when I have a project going on and I don’t stop until it’s done. Not a bad thing for productivity but maybe a little crazy. I’m fine with that. Aren’t all artists a little crazy?

Ok my desk:

I got these legs from Ikea- $10 a piece.

I then went to home depot and purchased a 4′ by 8′ pine plywood with a 3/4″ thickness and oh my my I got a lot out of it.

I have a ton of scrap wood that I have big plans for in the near future but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

1.  I got a 30″ x 50″ cut for my desk.

2. I sanded down the edges.

3. I used this polyshade tint and poly in one. Loved the idea, the stain sucked.

4. As you can see, the original stain and poly was less then to be desired so I went back to the local hardware store and got some “dark walnut” stain.

5. You see the difference?

6. I used a sponge brush and created different strokes to create a more rustic look.

Believe it or not, I attached the legs to the table top with velcro. I know! Well, I was in Ikea and I was asking one of the employees there how to attach the legs and she said that there are non-slip tabs on top of the legs but most people use double stick tape or velcro and I happened to have velcro so I did it. We’ll see how that holds up. When I made the desk for my last client, I went to the hardware store and somehow found some flexible brackets to mold around the frame but it still wasn’t super sturdy. Trial and error, I’m all about it.

I was quite eager to get my corner all straightened up so I can sit and start work in a fully functional space. I went to the thrift store and picked up 4 frames (one of those is going to be used for another project) and a book (for my book page wall-coming soon) for $14. What a score.

I removed all the pictures/art and glass. I always feel bad when I go to the store and get second hand frames and there are family pictures and diplomas in there. I  should start a scrapbook of it…. No wait, that’s a bad idea.

Check out #3. That is the front of the frame, but you will see I like the back a lot better.

I then painted everything the same color that I mixed for my dresser.

Then I sanded the corners to look shabbier and I sprayed this Krylon product which I have been using for all my painted furniture/crafts lately. The lady at the store told me this one in particular is good for having a mix of media- different kinds of paint (indoor, outdoor, etc.)

I then used some scrap fabric and stapled them to the back of the frame.

This is a closer view. I love the way the wooden frame came out. I really did nothing except use the backside but it was so much more appealing than the front. I stapled organic linen to the back and then used double stick tape to adhere my business license that I am oh so proud of.

And lets not forget about my lovely birdcage!! Now, it actually stands out on my desk. I used a dry brush technique to get the vintage look and I love it. Buddha is super happy not just because he gets a fly feather headband to wear but because he has a cool neighbor now too.


Still a few more things to do. For instance:

I want to get this rolling cart or something similar for all my crafts and  I’m sure I will find something else to add to this corner but I’m excited about my awesome desk!

Happiest Wednesday!


Affordable Pillows

So back to my love shack corner. I wanted to share some of the pillows I bought that were quite affordable and make my love corner super inviting.

I ended up buying 5 new pillows. Here’s the breakdown:

This is the Ikea Lappljung pillow cover for $5.00 and I bought the pillow for $2.99. So we’ve got $8.00 there.

This is the Urban Outfitters Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow which is originally $34.00 but at the store they had a sale and I got it for $25.00.

The rest were Ross scores. I got this India pillow for $8.00 and the 2 brown velvet pillows for $12.00 (they cam in a pack). The Ross stop cost me $20.00 for pillows.

The two white canvas pillows are ones that I made myself years ago and the bench was the update I made last week.

So we’ve got a total of $53.00 for 5 pillows! Not bad. Seeing as I still had leftover from the dresser I sold a few weeks ago, these were easy purchases for me.

I’ve also got a fun project in the works for a big hunky desk.

Remember when I made this desk for a client/friend?

Well, I was inspired to do this exact thing for myself. I have this beautiful desk that I refurbished years ago but I need a lot more desk space to work and craft.

Keep posted for that new desk. I should have it up in the next few days.

It’s all coming together and it feels so goooood.