Happy Monday folks! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was supposed to do a craft fair in San Jose on Sunday but I totally wrecked my back on Thursday and had to cancel. It may have been a blessing in disguise because it was stormy all weekend. Anywho I am hoping to get all healed up soon because I have 2 more craft fairs the next couple of weeks which I will keep you all posted on. They are both in Santa Cruz.

I wanted to share some of my favorite lighting finds around right now.

Let’s start with ceiling pendants. I chose different styles from Industrial to Moroccan:

1. World Market Distressed Metal Bucket Pendant: $89.99

2. Urban Outfitters Honeycomb Glass Pendant Shade: $69.00

3. Restoration Hardware Steel Polyhedron Small Pendant: $295.00

4. CB2 Cage Brass Pendant Lamp: $79.95 (sale)

5. Urban Outfitters Cage Pendant Lamp: $49.99

6. Restoration Hardware Round Shade Pendant: $295.00

7. Ikea Foto Light Pendant: $29.99

8. Ikea Boja Pendant Lamp Rattan: $59.99

9. Anthropologie Bluette Pendant Lamp: $998.00

10. West Elm Small Wire Pendant: $99.00

11. CB2 Noir Pendant Lamp: $199.00 (sale)

12. West Elm Perforated Globe Pendant Swirl: $149.00

Next up are Floor Lamps:

1. CB2 Signal Floor Lamp: $299.00

2. Anthropologie Sibley Floor Lamp: $298.00

3. Pier 1 Imports Architect Floor Lamp: $199.00

4. CB2 Luxe Floor Lamp: $199.00

5. Crate and Barrel Aerin Antique Bronze Floor Lamp: $149.00

6. Crate and Barrel Weave Floor Lamp: $149.00

7. Urban Outfitters Stella Floor Lamp: $89.00 (sale)

8. Restoration Hardware 20 C. Torpedo Floor Lamp: $229.00

9. Urban Outfitters Spider Floor Lamp: $239.00

10. West Elm Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp: $169

And finally Table Lamps:

1. Crate and Barrel Merie Table Lamp: $199.00

2. West Elm Dorker + Misses Table Lamp: $79.00

3. World Market Woodsland Table Lamp Base: $44.99

4. Ikea Jonsbo Barby Table Lamp: $59.99

5. World Market Martina Aged Mirrored Table Lamp Base: $49.99

6. Ikea Jonsbo Ilsbo Table Lamp: $19.99

7. World Market White Owl Accent Table Lamp Base: $24.99

8. Anthropologie Coral Rays Shade: $128.00

9. Pier 1 Seeded Glass Lamp: $99.00

10. CB2 Cloche Table Lamp: $69.95

11. CB2 Greyline Table Lamp: $99.95

12. Crate and Barrel Cleo Table Lamp: $319.00

13. World Market Klara Antique Candlestick Table Lamp Base: $49.99

Alright, there you have it! Quite the array of lighting options. A large range in style and prices. Maybe you will find something that works for you.


World Market Cost Plus Favorites

So I have some big love for World Market lately. I’m especially loving their industrial style pieces and some bold colors. Check out a few of my faves at World Market.


  1. Emerson Shelf with step: $399.99
  2. 12 Slot Wall Cubby:  $103.99
  3. Metal & Wood Wall Unit: $79.99
  4. Jayden Wall Unit: $24.99
  5. Metal Tub Chair: $109.99
  6. 4 Shelf Tower: $219.99
  7. Kitchen Cart: $449.99
  8. Nesting Desk: $299.99
  9. Metal Shelf Units: $79.99


  1. Knitted Pouf: $79.99
  2. Desk: $169.99
  3. Crosby Sofa Frame and Nutmeg Slipcover: $400 + $299.99
  4. Damask Rug: $299.99
  5. Chunky Jute Rug: $199.99
  6. Ceramic Stool: $79.99
  7. Owl Lamp Base: $24.99
  8. Smocked Curtain: $26.99
  9. Studio Day Lounger and Slipcover:  $319.99 + $109.99
  10. Peacock Soap Dish: $6.99


There are a lot of goodies. These were just a few of my favorite things. Enjoy!



Plumbing Pipe Design

 Ya’ll know how much I dig industrial design from my post about industrial vintage design. I like mixing industrial elements into more casual designs. It’s pretty much as industrial as it can get but plumbing pipes can actually be used for other design functions.

Check them out:

In desk form. I love the mix of rustic wood with colder materials like pipes. It’s functional and it looks great.

Clothing rack.

I don’t know why, but I am a really big fan of this. How they get the toilet paper out to refill? I have no idea but I flippin love this.

Another great design with pipes and rustic wood. This time it is used as a console/bookcase for the foyer.


And finally another really urban looking book holder.




A Touch of Industrial. A Touch of Vintage.

Industrial style can feel a little cold, a little harsh but as a huge fan of blending styles, I think industrial touches can make a room super interesting. I’m even a bigger fan of the Industrial Vintage look.Check out some images that inspired my “industrial/vintage touch” style:

I love that these chairs look rusted. It’s almost more of an industrial vintage look.

Another image of a vintage industrial chair. I’m loving the contrast between the clean lined chair with the rustic, weathered furniture.

Industrial storage. click

Love those bright red stools.

Great mix of vintage industrial and rustic look.

Industrial lighting! click

http://industry-west.com/products : a good source for industrial/vintage furniture and products.

Feng Shui tips:

So what is Industrial style in Feng Shui. Well because most of industrial products are made out of metal/stainless steel then this would make it a Metal Element.