Spring Weekend DIYs


I can’t explain to you how much I love Spring time. I notice everything around me blossoming, people coming out of their caves and creativity is at its peak. So how about some fun diy projects to kickstart your weekend?
1Let’s break it down, shall we?

3We all have these white plain mugs so why not add some pizazz?

5f92a2bd3f2570ded7140180e510c57dI definitely am vibing on this cork-board. I’m always a fan of a simple geometric.


There’s no way I’m going to do a diy post without chalk paint. This ones pretty cute.


So this one is actually a link to an Etsy item but it definitely is a good starting point for an awesome diy project. Only thing is that if you have the time to hunt for some vintage spoons, you’re set but it can easily be done without them being vintage.


I’ve had these weird obsession with flowers lately.

c0ca10b1225e99e4e8f1ae9128682955Yea, ladders are amazing.  I use mine to hold my scarves but I am liking the necklace display.


Lining drawers is one of the sweetest ways to spruce up a piece of furniture. I’m digging the vintage feel of the distressed paint with the cute lining.

featherbedGarlands are kind of a big deal lately but these feathers are a bigger deal to me. Dipped in gold- can it get any better?


There are so many ways to display beach finds but my favorite part of this one is the paper in the background.

Anyways, happy happy Friday and I hope you have a beautiful, productive and fun weekend.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Monday’s Favorite Things

Good morning my blog lovers! I want to share some of my favorite things on this cloudy Monday:

I am loving this house tour from Apartment Therapy. This bedroom is lovely. The carved wooden headboard, the floor bed, the bright yellow… It all works really well for me.

Another amazing house tour this time from Design Sponge. I am a huuuuge fan on the grayish taupe wall, the vaulted ceilings and the neutral everything else.

A sweet weekend project from Design Sponge. Bringing the outdoors in with rocks and wood.

A vintage bathroom home tour by A Beautiful Mess.

Inspired by this cloud 9 dreamy gem from Desire to Inspire. Monochrome done right.

Moroccan inspiration from sfgirlbybay.

Well, I hope my inspirations have inspired you as well. Also, most of those blogs are my go-to’s on a daily so you should check them out if you aren’t already acquainted with them.

Enjoy today!





My Happiness on a Thursday.

Rustic Industrial inspired dining rooms. I am a big, big BIG fan of the industrial chairs.

This geometric painted floating nightstand made out of plywood. An amazing DIY and fab looking too.

This colorful living room. There’s a lot going on and that’s how I like it.

This little girl’s room. The color on the walls is the perfect shade of pink and I love that it is paired with lots of neutrals and pops of orange.

This worldly hallway. I bet the folks living here have been well traveled and have tons of great stories from their adventures.

This bohemian kitchen. The arched window is so beautiful and the vaulted ceilings makes this space look so large.

This room works so well for me because of the painted blue floors. Since this shade of blue tends to be a colder color, they do a great job at warming it up with all the patterns and natural elements.

The layered rugs, the view, the Moroccan feel, every single piece of furniture. This room is a yes today.

And last but not least, this lovely headboard makes me very happy. I’m a big fan of DIY headboards.

Have a wonderful Thursday!





And…. Complete!

As an artist, I gotta say that it is super stressful to have a deadline. For instance, I got asked to make 3 pieces for a beautiful restaurant in downtown Santa Cruz and I did deliver in the end but it was stressful as hell! I was painting until last night and I just hung up the paintings this morning. Anyways, I am super happy with the final product and so happy with the beautiful space they are in. Check out the process of my last piece as it’s insane how my paintings change so much throughout the process.

Do you see that first photo!! My lord, I’m so glad I moved on from that. I originally was going to use one of my favorite scarves as an inspiration. It is a purple and red prayer shawls. Yea, that wasn’t gonna happen. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what the final product was going to look like which is why I had such a hard time with this one. So I just kept painting and adding texture and drips. Finally, when I reached the last painting on here, I went online for some inspiration and I saw this piece:

and kablam, within an hour I had this:

I really wanted warm colors and I am happy with the final product.

Check out the pieces in the space. I am going back later today to adjust the height and have them step down more:

Task: complete.