Wall Collages

Happy Labor Day mis amigos!!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite wall collages around the webosphere.


I fancy this one in particular because of all the bold colors. Yellow and blue is such a fun combo but mixing it with neutrals, like the grey wall, allows this space to be fun, not a headache.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.15.11 PM

This is a really interesting idea. Wrapping the wall with a photo collage. I dig.


This is a really nice mix of art and nik naks that decorate this wall. I’m a big fan of mixing up photos and other wall decor pieces for wall collages.


Keeping it simple with black and white images and metals frames.


This is a really sweet frame collage wall. You can easily find frames you like from thrift stores and take out the images, spray paint all the frames one color and either have them empty inside or throw something cute inside like this simple butterflies for a girls room.


Mirror collages are great! I am actually working with a client who inherited a bunch of antique mirrors from her parents and I plan on creating a beautiful mirror wall collage. Stay tuned.


This is beautiful. A major family wall portrait in a collage form. Plus I am totally digging the table/desk.


This is by far my favorite wall collage out there. It took these guys quite a long time to finish but it looks so dang beautiful. Inspired, I am!

Alrighty my loves. I hope you are enjoying your day off and getting out there in the world to inspire your lives and others. Wow, I guess that yoga class I took this morning is rubbing off ;)

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Inspiration Monday

Happy happy Monday, blog lovers. Today I wanted to share some inspirational photos that got my design belly filled with butterflies as well as some yummy recipes for the week:outdoor officeOutdoor portable offices brought to you by Apartment Therapy . You know those moments when you are working indoors and every ounce of you is craving some vitamin D?! Well, here’s your answer. Got get that sun!

succulent garden

Succulents are my favorite plants because they come in so many beautiful shapes and designs but they are also really easy to keep alive. I need this because I tend to be a plant killer. I love this garden in the birdcage.

thrift store art

I love these blocked out quotes for art.

pillow diy

My girl Mandi from Vintage Revivals gives us one of the best  affordable DIY pillow tutorial out there.

hanging basket

My all time favorite blog crusher Justina Blakeney shows us how to create a hanging basket for your fresh garden pick ups.

brick paint

I love love love this painted brick floor by Little Green Notebook. You don’t have to forever live with those ugly red bricks anymore!

recipe 1Veggie-Stuffed Portabello Mushroom…. YUM!! Loving this gluten-free recipe.7951316f2531b03d15cdc2bff63cef77And another mouth watering one. This is a Roasted Shrimp Spaghetti Squash delight!

framesAnd finally, KFD Designs shows us how to work some sweet thrift store art into a wall collage.

Alrighty my loves! Stay inspired… Here’s to a productive, fun and exciting week!

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10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Happy Autumn! I love this season for so many reasons. The weather begins to shift, the leaves start to change colors and the energy settles down from summer. Today I want to share with you 10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:

Let’s get started:

Sweet chevron pumpkins from My Sweet Savannah. Ya’ll know my love for chevron anyways so this will be a fun addition.

Here’s an easy no-carve Halloween pumpkin.

If you don’t want to use an actual pumpkin than you can make book page pumpkin! And look, they use a William Shakespeare book for it.

This pumpkin reminds me of the little babies that get dressed up as pumpkins for Halloween. Cute!

For the ultra moderno people, we got the ultra moderno pumpkin decor.  All white: clean, crisp, fresh.

I couldn’t resist the VW bus pumpkin. We are in Nor Cal after all.

This would definitely be a difficult one but it is by far my all time favorite from the one and only Martha Stewart. 

Hello!!! I am in love with you pumpkin tree!

Another way to use book pages for your pumpkin decor.

And finally, a chalkboard pumpkin!! The cool thing about this idea is that you can switch it up every few nights.

Well, I hope you are enjoying the coziness of Autumn time and keep checking back for more fun projects.


Wood Plank Ceilings

Lovebugs! I am so sorry that I have been away for more than a week. Here’s my explanation. It was my birthday, family was in town and then I was in a wedding.

This is a little snip it of the wedding reception.

My friend is an avid DIYer. These were used in the makeshift photo booth. Hold one and take one of the disposable cameras and viola, photo booth!

Alright, so that’s where I’ve been. Completely MIA but I’m back and I’m really excited because I have hired someone to fix up my blog a bit so hopefully in the next week or so you will be seeing some cool changes on here.

So let’s get to it, shall we?!

Wood Plank Ceilings:

The funny thing is that I dreamt about wood plank ceilings last night. Yup, I did.

This is a really sweet kids bedroom with recycled palette wood planks on the ceiling. It just gives the room an extra sweet rustic touch.

These are some reclaimed wood panels.

This is gorgeous. What I love about these ceilings is that you can see how much of an impact they have on the rooms. If you just scroll down on the computer and cut off the ceiling you can see how different the room feels. It just seems like a crisp clean room but adding that architectural element on the ceiling, makes the room seem more loved, more rustic and warmer.

This is a laundry room. I want to live in this laundry room. If the laundry room looks like this, how does the rest of the house look?

This sweet cottage style home gets an even sweeter touch with a small portion of the ceiling covered in reclaimed wood. That’s another thing to think about. If you don’t want to cover a whole ceiling you can create zones with the wood. This one works so well because there is what looks like a structural beam that separates the ceiling already.

I believe this is salvaged beadboard. I love it because it has so many different colors and works so well in giving this room a funkier more artistic feel.

What?! Isn’t this amazing! Herringbone pattern with salvaged raw wood in a recessed portion of the ceiling. My heart can’t take it anymore!

But I will warn you folks to be quite meticulous with your cuts and application or it might end up like this ^

How cool is that for a conference room?!

Well I’m so happy to be back. Thanks for your patience!

Have a Happy Monday!