DIY Earring Hanger

I added some more love to my book page wall with a romantic, vintage inspired earring holder. Remember when I redid all those frames for my desk area? Well in that mix was a massive framed photo of a family.

I felt so bad throwing that out, but it was in a thrift store so I imagine they weren’t really that into it anyway?

I got the frame for $5 and I removed the photo.

I painted it the same color as all the other frames. I then sanded the edges.

I was stuck on what to do with the inner edge of the frame. This was a more spongy materials so it was hard to paint over. Since my book pages were just soaked, I used a few to fill this space. I then sealed it with the Krylon Satin finish. If the pages weren’t wet, I would have used rubber cement or some other adhesive.

When I first moved in I saw this gold mesh material in a roll and I asked who was using it. No one claimed it so I was given permission to use it. It was the perfect size so I didn’t have to cut it. I then used my staple gun to attach the mesh to the frame.

I love that the pages on the inside of the frame accent the full wall of pages behind it.

Is it scary to confess that these are not all the earring I own? A little. I have a few more dangling on another cute earring holder that stands on my dresser.

Here are some close ups. Quite cute ey?

Here’s the before and after shot!


DIY Jewelry Holder

Do you have excessive amounts of jewelry? Guilty! So there’s gotta be a way to display your amazing jewels without shoving them in a box and forgetting about them. Check out some rad DIY jewelry holders:

You know I’ve got love for branches.

I LOVE that print inside the shadow box… hmm my wheels are turning…

Damn I wish my clothes were as neatly folded like this!

It’s a rake! Brilliant!

Of course, I love the assortment of different knobs.

Chicken wire is quite versatile.

I believe this was a table top turned into a jewelry hanger

Gorgeous frame.





Holiday Gift Guide- 10 Gifts Under $25

As you all know, I am in the holiday spirit. What better way to celebrate then to gift one another with amazing gifts for under $25. Even better, all of these items come from Etsy which means we are supporting small business owners. Ya holiday season!

As I sit here, sipping a coconut creme tea, I constantly dream of everything coconut. Thankfully they make candles.  coconut candle - $6.25

Lately, I’ve been really into this kind of print art on reused paper and of course who can say no to a cute owl.  print  – $10.00

Sounds brilliant! Never even heard of it, but I love it. reusable snack bag - $6.00

If I could name you a few of my essentials in life, one would definitely be a leather-bound journal. leather journal -$24.50

As an ex-coffee drinker and big time current tea drinker, big mugs are my happy place. I especially like this one because it reminds me of my abstract art.  mug - $12.50

Ok, when I got my new iPhone a few years ago, I promised myself I would take care of it. That I would constantly keep it protected. Well…. Let’s just say, no. I have been iPhone unprotected for many months now. Shockingly, my iPhone is still alive, so I know these skins, although purely decorative, would still protect my phone better then I am now.  wood iPhone skin - $9.99

Scarves are the best. Whales are the best. whale scarf - $17.00

I l<3 ve fingerless gloves, especially this knit and this color.  fingerless gloves – $20.00

Jewelry is special. Birds and cages: they could never do me wrong.   bird necklace – $18.50

Oh and neither can feathers. Ok, throw a key in there. I won’t be mad at ya.  feather necklace – $24.00

So basically, I realized, I made my own shopping list for myself. Hopefully others have the same taste as me and this could help on their shopping list.