Kitchen Nooks

So it’s a really weird quirk that I have, but I don’t really like chairs. Let me explain. I like chairs but I only like super comfy large chairs. Someone described me yesterday as a cat. Ready to cozy up any chance I get. I think that’s why I don’t like chairs. As I sit in a standard chair right now, I also realize that I would get nothing done if I were in a lazy boy. Such is life.

Why do I love kitchen nooks? Well for the first obvious reason, it eliminates most chair situations. Secondly, it is just a cozy way to create another sweet zone in your space. I would rather have someone hanging out in my comfy ol’ kitchen nook while I cook then be super uncomfortable sitting in an upright chair. Why do I hate chairs so much. I think it has to do with yoga too. I would rather be in a lotus position sitting on the floor. Ok, enough about me. Let me show you some awesome kitchen nooks:

Flea Market Trixie  shares with us a beautiful, cozy, shabby chic inspired kitchen with an incredible nook. First off, let’s say hallelujah to the refurbished furniture and I’m not sure what’s happening with the floor but I’m not complaining. I love how the built ins around the window frame the seating area.

Ok, this one is a little out of control but I am probably the most in love with it. Those pillows couldn’t be more worn in.

Here’s another kitchen remodel. I can tell most of the furniture here is from Ikea but they put it together so well. I have too used Ikea bookcases and flipped them on its side to be a seating area. I have never attempted putting more then 2 people on mine, so I’m not sure how much I want to endorse this for everyday sitting. I also love the way the light fixture reflects off little daisies, although I am sure in the middle of the night while getting a glass of water I might think there were spiders all over my walls. Wow, I’m getting real with you guys today.

Another beautiful shabby chic kitchen nook. I’m down with those stools. For some reason, I like stools better than chairs. I haven’t figured out why yet.

Just another kitchen nook. Similar to the one above. Shabby chic, cottage looking, light, airy, fresh. Love it.

Hello sunshine! This is probably the perfect kitchen nook for those that need a little more caffeine in the morning. That yellow will scream, “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!”  before you even get a chance to pour your first cup of joe. I love it. It is also a bit retro with the matching cushions on the chairs and bench.

And finally, the kitchen nook that inspired this whole post from Poppytalk. Loving the materials, the colors, the raw accents. Check out that iron table base.

Enjoy this Wednesday!


Open Shelving in Kitchens

It’s a risky thing, that’s for sure but I really do love the idea of open shelving in kitchens. You are able to display anything you want but you do risk looking a bit cluttered. If you are keen on the open shelving, just make sure you are quite the organized person, otherwise you might be regretting your decision to go open. Another good way to ease into it is to have just a couple of open shelves and see how that goes.

Check out some great open shelf kitchens I found:

Hello coffee shop in my home.

Light and airy.

Sunshine glow.


Muted & neutral.


Beachy Blue

Beachy sea foam.


Dark backgrounds make everything in front pop.

 White on white.


These open shelves are such great ideas for kitchens. You can do it in a very inexpensive way as well and I’m always for that ;)





Painted Kitchen Cabinets

It’s definitely been a hot trend for a while now. Instead of paying big bucks for brand new cabinetry, why not paint the ones you got? It’s so much more budget friendly and it’s amazing what some paint can do but I hear it over and over again from my fearful clients: “I don’t want to paint over the wood.” I understand the concern, but to be quite honest, most of the wood used in the kitchen cabinets these days are pre-fab and not very attractive. If paint scares you, then start with wood stain, but I’m going to root for the paint all the way. Check it out:

You see! So many options. You can keep it simple with white or cream, you can get crazy with more color, you can do two-tones, you can have “peak-a-boo” cabinets like above! And at the end of the day, they are just cabinets. I believe that if we don’t play with our comfort levels, then we never push ourselves and it can get quite boring. So play a little! :)





Warm Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of a home. They are a place of nourishment, warmth, and have the most energy in the entire home. So many of us are stuck with plain ol’ kitchens designed with all the prefab cabinets and appliances. Granted, kitchens can be a very expensive room to remodel since you are dealing with plumbing and electrical. Fear not. Adding a little paint and decoration can change up the whole feel of your kitchen.

Here are a few Feng Shui & Design tips for kitchens:

  • Should be the most yang (energized) room in the house
  • Try not to use too much of the water element (blue colors) in the kitchen as it will put out the fire needed in the kitchen for digestion
  • A kitchen in the west will tend to overheat with the sun
  • Having a kitchen in the East or SE is great because you get fresh qi (energy) in the morning and warms the kitchen first thing in the a.m.
  • Try to stay away from stark whites or blacks as it will be too cold
  • Make sure to have the working triangle in the kitchen
  • Best to not have the sink next to the stove since this is water and fire which clash
  • Think Tuscan style kitchen: warm, inviting, smells good
  • Keeps lively with plants, bowl of fruits and splashes of red (fire)

Call it Feng Shui or basic design principles, these tips are solid. Check out some inspirational kitchens.

I’m planning for lots of good cooking in my kitchen this winter :) And by the way, the winter weather today is in the 60′s. No complaining here.