DIY Light Fixtures

I guess I’ve been in a really crafty mood because this week has been mostly about DIY projects. Next up, light fixtures. Check out some rad DIY light fixtures:

Some lace

Mason jars can never do me wrong.

Not quite sure what this is made out of but I love the projection of light it makes.

Appropriate use of kitchen utensils.

I love these. Just blow up a balloon and paste some lace on it. Once dried, pop the balloon and voila, complete!

A fan of the bottles, but how to you remove the bottom? These must be pre-bought.

This is great.

These are those paint mixer sticks. They are just stained.

I love everything about this room.

These are made with pieces of felt. How gorgeous, no?

This one is made with coffee filters.

Well, hopefully one or more of these inspired you to get crafty this weekend!





House Numbers

Being able to see your house number in muy importante! I think the bigger, the bolder, the brighter, the better- wow they all started with B’s. There are so many different styles you can play with so go wild! Why not? You can create your own, have them painted, buy them already made or get them custom made. Check out some cool house numbers ideas I found:

My personal faves is a toss up between these 2:

Muy rĂºstico.

Well, what are your house numbers looking like?! If you’ve got some really cool ones, send them my way!





Scrap Wood

Once upon a time, I blogged about wood planks. Well, today I want to blog about some other crafty things you could do with scrap wood as I’m sure I will always find ways to get creative with scrap anything.

A wall sconce/ floor lamp. Let’s just call it a hybrid ;)

Wine holder.

Cute art. No Whining.

Valance. Love it!

Coasters!! Although I can’t really see myself being a coasters kinda gal, but it’s a good idea if you are one.

Amazing clock!! Love the industrial look against the raw wood.

And another amazing clock!!

Artsy coat/bag hanger.

I love painted scrap wood. Love <3