La Casita Tour Continues

Good evening mis amigos. It was such a beautiful day today so when I got home I took some more photos of my beautiful casita. I wanted to share them with you:

1I absolutely love having a front porch. That bench came with the house and I spend quite a lot of time there.


Moving indoors, I wanted to share some new developments. My roommate is an incredible artist and I am always pushing her to have her art shown somewhere around town. Hers is the top left. Who doesn’t love feathers these days! Bottom left is another artist friend of mine who now lives in Wyoming. I feel so blessed to have this piece hanging in our dining room. At the bottom right we have my makeshift necklace holder in the bathroom.


Moving into our backyard, we’ve got an array of different flowers and plants. Top left, we’ve got a lemon tree where you can bet your bottom dollar I pick on a daily. Of course, we’ve got my trusty cruiser. Although I’ve been dealing with a bit of a back injury and haven’t been able to ride much, I am so looking forward to the day I can hop back on and cruise around town in this weather!


And finally, some close up shots of my favorite succulents!


Here I am in the bathroom which pours in a ton of natural light. Our biggest challenges are the kitchen and bathroom just because it has older fixtures that we need to work around but I so love the character.

Ahhh, and with that I say goodnight my lovely family.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.42.55 PM


Inspired by Balconies

Happy Monday folks! I’ve been very excited lately because I found a new place to live come September and it is quite the beach house. My design mind is overflowing with inspiration and creativity. I can’t wait to get in there and start tackling the space one project at a time.

Today, I am inspired by balconies. Our new home has a beautiful balcony which looks out onto the beach (which is 3 houses away… How did I get this lucky?!) My idea is to create a few different zones on the balcony since it is large enough. Some cozy seating, a dining space and a space for a fire pit/bbq. Check it out:

These 2 spaces inspired the modern designer in me. I love the metal chairs and rustic metal table on the left and I am loving the long rectangular outdoor dining table on the right.

How zen are these spaces? You know what makes them zen? Well besides the modern and clean elements like the dark wooden platforms on the left, the plants create a calming environment which create balance. (Image sources: here and here)

I love these 2 spaces because both seating arrangements are looking out. The one on the left brings in a lot of color through those fabulous chairs and the one on the right brings in comfort with the never ending amounts of pillows and blankets. (Image sources: here and here)

I love L-shape seating because it creates immediate conversational seating. It also makes it really easy to lounge and I’m a big fan of lounging. (Image sources: here and here)

I love both these spaces because a small table and chairs creates a beautiful intimate seating arrangement. It is kind of romantic. (Image sources: hereĀ and here)

Ahhh, the ultimate lounge-fest. Some DIY crate seating on the left and a straight up mattress on the right. I’m happy. (Images sources: here and here)

Here is a shopping list and mood board I created to help along the way:

1. Ikea’s Arholma sofa= $700

2. Ikea’s Platta Flooring= $34.99/ 9 pack

3. Urban Outfitters Cafe Chairs= $149/ set of 2

4. Anthropologie La Versha Chair= $248

5. Ikea Brommo Chair= $59.99

6. Crate and Barrel Lyle Side Chair= $199

7. Crate and Barrel Alfresco Dining Table= $599

8. Ikea Lacko Table= $49

9. Pottery Barn Tori Outdoor Rug= $129 for 3′x5′

10. Pottery Barn Palace Pillow= $39.50


Outdoor/Indoor Ambient Lighting

Lighting can set a mood quickly. Fluorescent lighting? My mood is not pretty. Task lighting? My mood is focused. Ambient lighting? Check out some beautiful ambient outdoor lights:

This is amazing!

And for some indoor lighting:

Isn’t that cool? A lit up branch. I think it’s pretty creative.

What kind of dreams you think that person had at night? I bet magical ones.


So what kind of mood are you going for?





Outdoor Dining

Why do I love the idea of outdoor dining? I’ll tell ya why. When you are outside you don’t have those modern distractions like television and house phones. When you go outside to sit and dine, you are creating a special time for this. I think it’s really special to nurture yourself in the outdoors, maybe as the sun is setting and the weather gets a little cooler. The drinks and conversation are flowing. Delightful! Check out these inspirational outdoor dining settings I’ve found.

Setting up a table under a tree is great because you can hang lanterns and all sorts of fun things from the branches.

Modern Dining.

Bohemian. I love the fabric that creates the shade and all the overlapping rugs.

Simple. And don’t think I don’t see you hammock!!

I love this! A bit more elegant.

So if my eyes serve me right, they used a door as a table and suspended it with rope to a tree and thats the table. I love people!

I love those industrial vintage chairs. And they are even cooler because you can totally use them outdoors.

Keepin it neutral.

Setting the mood.

It’s like french cottage dining.

And again, my IT chairs.

I love those lanterns.

So this is what Im talkin about when I say outdoor dining. Get all your friends in your way backyard and you are completed secluded. I love this!