Headboard Inspiration

I feel like I am constantly talking about headboards here. I just think they are such important elements to a great bedroom and they don’t have to be elaborate or pricey. A headboard can be thrown together with some fabric or wood, it can be painted right on the wall or it can just be a piece of art that acts as a headboard.

Check out some headboard ideas here:

This headboard is a master DIY project. I’m pretty sure she made it from a striped fabric and turned it into a chevron gem.

How much easier can this get? A painted zone for the bed. Done.

Ok this one might be lavish and elaborate but I am trying to show you how you can get creative with some decorative painting and mirrors. I love how the painting mirrors the edges of the mirror.

Wallpaper can act as a headboard in a bedroom.

I always thought this was made out of wallpaper as well, but no, it’s fabric! Check out the DIY here.

Simple and super easy painted headboard frame. Does the job right, wouldn’t you say?

Awesome painted graphic and cute flippin dog.

Yea, this is amazing. A large piece of carved wood. You can act as my headboard any day.

A headboard decal… Happiness. She looks pretty happy.

This is probably one of my favorite headboard ideas. Might take a little more work but a pretty simple job.






Stripes are taking over!! But before I get into striped flooring, I have to share my horoscope from yesterday:

“…What you may find much more satisfactory is to simply rework and refurbish what is already there. Sometimes a new paint job makes everything new again, so you don’t have to start over from scratch. They don’t make things like they used to, so preserve what you can…”

Ok, that’s some redunkulous stuff right there. How does an iPhone horoscope app know me so well?? Anyways, let’s move on to painting striped flooring, shall we? It’s quite exciting to get inspired by all these different ways to add spice into your space… Ooooh that sounds catchy: spice in your space.

This post ties into a post I did a few months ago on stenciled floors.

Well, it’s 80 degrees in the dead of winter here in Santa Cruz. I’m not complaining =)… Hope you are enjoying your day!





Here We Go Again

My lovely chevron table has new life once again. I thought, painting it a solid color would make it easier to sell. Everyone who has been interested in purchasing this piece lived far away and the shipping was just too expensive. So in an effort to sell locally, I am trying to market to a wider range now. Hope this one works out!

I mixed the paint myself. It is more of a “steel grey” color. I kept the inside of the drawer the same. “enjoy today.”

Dimensions: 61″ x 22.5″ x 16″H
Details: This wooden table has been painted grey and then sanded for the weathered look. The inside drawer of the table says: “enjoy today” (just a sweet note to remind us). The table is completed sealed with a semi-gloss coat.

Price: $180 OBO

So if you live in the Santa Cruz or Bay Area and are interested in this piece, let me know.