House Number DIY

I finally had a day to get all homey on Sunday. It was the first day in weeks that I haven’t had to be anywhere for an extended period of time so I decided to stay home and work more on my new house. One of the main things I noticed when I moved in was that the house numbers were right by the front door which is by the side of the house so there really is no way for people to find our home if they were driving by.When it has to do with Feng Shui, they say that if it is hard to find your home, then opportunity will have a harder time finding you. By all means, opportunity come find me.

Remember back when I posted about house numbers here. Well, I definitely wanted something a bit more beachy since we are 3 houses away from the beach.

As I was cleaning the patio (I wish I could have showed you the before and after because it was incredible), there was a pile of wood slats that was from an old desk that was taken apart and used to fire wood. I found a nice piece of wood and decided to use it as the house numbers.

This was the piece of wood I got. All I did was clean it up with a wet paper towel. I could have sanded it down but I liked the rustic feel of it.

I used permanent markers and then used a white paint pen which blended the colors together.

I also used a silver paint pen to create a thick outline around the numbers. The metallic color makes the numbers easier to view and changes its brightness depending on where the light hits it.

I first tried to hammer a nail into the stucco. Stucco: 1 Nail:0. So I hammered a nail into the beam above and used a jute rope to hang the sign.

I added to hooks on the top of the wood slat. I like the rope because it gives it a beachy feel. I also stuck some velcro behind the wood so that it wouldn’t knock around in the wind.

Here it is from afar… Ok opportunity. We are here!!

Happy Monday!


Home Invasion… the Aftermath

Hey all… Hope you’re liking the new site so far. There is still more to be done but we are getting there!

Today I wanted to share with you another set of “after” photos from a client and dear friend. I posted the progress of making tables here and painting the mural for the baby’s room here. Finally today I got some nice looking for reals “after shots.”

They already had a dining table in the dining room so I felt that behind the sofa was the perfect place to set up a work station.

This is where the bulk of the budget went to and the main changes happened. You can see how I made the desk here. The curtains prior were a satin beige and I changed them up with a linen fabric which lent a hand in continuing the beach cottage traditional yet casual look.

I really love the way the desk came out. It’s crazy that altogether that desk cost $70 with all the materials.


The project was mainly a diy scramble to fit the budget and it was fun.

Here is the art piece that I made. I LOVE old windows. I found this one at the local thrift store. The original idea was that I would have a mirror behind it and place it over the fireplace to let light bounce around the room. Soooo… the mirror thing… it didn’t work out. Cutting mirrors= not fun and a little scary.

Finally my little bambino’s room. Her little owl who watches over her at night.

Happy Thursday!


Plumbing Pipe Design

 Ya’ll know how much I dig industrial design from my post about industrial vintage design. I like mixing industrial elements into more casual designs. It’s pretty much as industrial as it can get but plumbing pipes can actually be used for other design functions.

Check them out:

In desk form. I love the mix of rustic wood with colder materials like pipes. It’s functional and it looks great.

Clothing rack.

I don’t know why, but I am a really big fan of this. How they get the toilet paper out to refill? I have no idea but I flippin love this.

Another great design with pipes and rustic wood. This time it is used as a console/bookcase for the foyer.


And finally another really urban looking book holder.




House Numbers

Being able to see your house number in muy importante! I think the bigger, the bolder, the brighter, the better- wow they all started with B’s. There are so many different styles you can play with so go wild! Why not? You can create your own, have them painted, buy them already made or get them custom made. Check out some cool house numbers ideas I found:

My personal faves is a toss up between these 2:

Muy rústico.

Well, what are your house numbers looking like?! If you’ve got some really cool ones, send them my way!