Over the Weekend

Heyo! It’s Monday. I haven’t really been posting consistently so I want to keep you posted on what I’ve been up to lately.

So I decided I am going to do 3 craft fairs in the next couple of months. I am really excited to be sharing a booth with my friend Jennifer from KittyBeast. I have a few things left over from past shows in the last year but I was inspired to do new things.

Here’s what I go so far:

Delicious scarves for Fall.

Soon to be pillow made of love.

Another love pillow!

Okay, next up. I was commissioned to do a replica of one of my paintings but in a smaller size. This is the original:

It’s hanging at a downtown restaurant and I was so pleased when I got the call about this painting. As any artist knows, it can be pretty difficult to completely copy a piece that was already made since all of them are originals but I have been trying.

Here’s where I am at:

It’s definitely not 100%. I would say I’m more at 60%. Getting there but much harder than I thought.

And finally, I have this wonderful client that I am working with now. Remember back when I asked on Facebook which stencil design or lack there of that you liked most? If you don’t remember, this was the image I posted:

 Most people loved the scallop design (number 1) and I would agree. This was a nook in my clients bedroom that was going to be a space to relax and read.

So this weekend, we got the stencil which was smaller than anticipated. This is how it looked before:

I had her paint the base a beige color because the stencil would have me paint the coral over. You can kind of see the stencil in the bottom right corner. Small right?!

Here’s just a sneak peek:

I started off completely filling in the scallops with 2 coats of paint but then I had an idea to soften the wall and make it look more whimsical and that was to just use one coat so it looked a little spongier and more like coral. This is a beach theme in here. Also you will notice that we turned the stencil upside down because it reminded her more of a flower.

Anyways, I am going back on Friday for touch ups and to finish the top of the wall. That was 4 hours straight but so fun!

Here’s to a productive week!


Favorite Etsy Products

Hey all. Since I’ve been crafting like a mad-woman, I have had to keep myself inspired. This is something that is actually an important thing to note as a designer and artist. Some people argue that they have not a creative bone in their body but I honestly think it has to do with constantly keeping yourself inspired and part of that is your own research. That is a big reason why I started this blog. I thought, “How could I come up with a new blog post 5 days a week?” The truth is that the more I get into this blog, the more inspired I get and the more I am able to share. I look at other blogs daily, keep up on magazines, design shows and Etsy has actually been one of my favorite spots for inspiration. So I wanted to share a few awesome products that have inspired me lately:

Tissue Pom Poms I love the muted feminine color palette.

Onsie Mustache Ahh, for my next batch of baby clothing, mustaches will definitely be incorporated. I don’t think many mamas want to see their daughters wearing mustache onesies.

Canvas Owl Tote My love for owls never ends.

Canvas Tribal Tote I am really loving tribal patterns these days. I gotta try this soon.

Infinity Cream Scarf Love the color. Love the texture.

Infinity Braided Scarf Samesies.

Painted Glass Vases I am going to try this one soon with a bunch of glass vases I bought at a thrift store, but it will look more like milk glass because I will only paint the inside.

White Washed Frames You can never go wrong with some beautifully white washed frames.

Fabric Flags Also next on my to-do list for the craft booth.

Paper Flags These are super cute. I love the colors too.

Prayer Flags Great personalized prayer flags.

Well, I hope I have been able to inspire some of you with not only my creations but others as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!





Inventory So Far

So far, so good. I’ve been plugging away with all my craftiness for the race. Here’s my inventory thus far:

Tissue pom poms. Fun to hang around the house. Colors: blue, green, beige, pink and white (2 of each color)

Scarves and cuffs handmade out of recycled materials.

Pink reusable canvas totes. Handstitched applique and fabric painted.

Tangerine reusable canvas totes. Handstitched applique and stamped.

Framed art made of refurbished frames. Varying sizes.

Baby T’s for 24 months. Handstitched appliqué and fabric painted & stamped.

Precious baby onuses. 24 months. Handstitched appliqué and fabric painted & stamped.

Wowsa! It’s been quite a few long days but all very well worth it. The countdown begins. 11 days until the race!

PS- I am not listing anything on Esty until after the race.





Scarves & Frames

So I’ve been a craft monster for the last 2 days. Check out what I’ve done.

All my scarves and cuffs are upcycled. They are made from clothes and bags.

9 scarves, 5 cuffs, 4 framed art pieces in 2 days. Neck hurts, finger is pounding, eyes are cross-eyed but heart is very satisfied and happy.

Big thanks for Lacey, my gorgeous model, whom I have the luxury of calling a friend! Love ya girl.