Inspired by Balconies

Happy Monday folks! I’ve been very excited lately because I found a new place to live come September and it is quite the beach house. My design mind is overflowing with inspiration and creativity. I can’t wait to get in there and start tackling the space one project at a time.

Today, I am inspired by balconies. Our new home has a beautiful balcony which looks out onto the beach (which is 3 houses away… How did I get this lucky?!) My idea is to create a few different zones on the balcony since it is large enough. Some cozy seating, a dining space and a space for a fire pit/bbq. Check it out:

These 2 spaces inspired the modern designer in me. I love the metal chairs and rustic metal table on the left and I am loving the long rectangular outdoor dining table on the right.

How zen are these spaces? You know what makes them zen? Well besides the modern and clean elements like the dark wooden platforms on the left, the plants create a calming environment which create balance. (Image sources: here and here)

I love these 2 spaces because both seating arrangements are looking out. The one on the left brings in a lot of color through those fabulous chairs and the one on the right brings in comfort with the never ending amounts of pillows and blankets. (Image sources: here and here)

I love L-shape seating because it creates immediate conversational seating. It also makes it really easy to lounge and I’m a big fan of lounging. (Image sources: here and here)

I love both these spaces because a small table and chairs creates a beautiful intimate seating arrangement. It is kind of romantic. (Image sources: hereĀ and here)

Ahhh, the ultimate lounge-fest. Some DIY crate seating on the left and a straight up mattress on the right. I’m happy. (Images sources: here and here)

Here is a shopping list and mood board I created to help along the way:

1. Ikea’s Arholma sofa= $700

2. Ikea’s Platta Flooring= $34.99/ 9 pack

3. Urban Outfitters Cafe Chairs= $149/ set of 2

4. Anthropologie La Versha Chair= $248

5. Ikea Brommo Chair= $59.99

6. Crate and Barrel Lyle Side Chair= $199

7. Crate and Barrel Alfresco Dining Table= $599

8. Ikea Lacko Table= $49

9. Pottery Barn Tori Outdoor Rug= $129 for 3′x5′

10. Pottery Barn Palace Pillow= $39.50


Floor Seating

I’m a big fan of floor seating. It’s very Moroccan influenced. It feels casual. Although, I don’t think my mom would be too happy about coming to my house and having to sit on the floor. She’ll have to understand. Check out some awesome floor seating/cushions:

A little floor seating nook for tea time.

Another plush nook.



It’s a floor sofa.

I’m a big fan of this one.

Some outdoor floor seating options

Another sofa has lost its legs

Getting cozy by the fireplace.


Stacked aside.


This is like a dream!

Doesn’t floor seating just make a space more homey?!





Colorful Seating

All this bohemian talk has me full of color and inspiration! I think one of the best ways to create a statement is with color and pattern. I understand that most people don’t want to commit that to a piece of furniture since they will have it for a long time or at least plan on it so they paint walls and do things that aren’t as permanent. I get it, but I still love myself some colorful furniture. I think they are such bold statement pieces. I have had the same crazy yellow sideboard in my bedroom for the last few years. It’s loud, no doubt about it but my lord do I love it and I never get sick of it. Of course everything else in my room has to be muted so I don’t look like I’m running a circus. Anyways, check out some amazingly loud and colorful seating:

If that doesn’t add some excitement to your home, I don’t know what will.